Online novels for a younger audience--how to promote?

One thing I've noticed in my time here is that most of the online novels I've seen are targeted mainly to an older demographic. Unfortunately, this means that novels like mine, which are targeted more towards a younger audience, don't really fit in.

Thus, this makes promoting it fairly problematic. I've been searching, but for the life of me I can't find any other online novels skewed towards a younger demographic. It seems like they don't exist.

I was thinking of trying to promote my serial via Project Wonderful on webcomic sites. Unlike web serials, it seems that there are plenty of webcomics out there for both young and old alike, but whether or not viewers that love reading webcomics would take the time and effort to read a chapter of an online novel is up to debate.

So, I ask my fellow web serial writers: are there any sites out there that specialize in web serials for young readers? Any web serials you can think of? What method for promotion do you think would be best? Your input and advice is most appreciated. :)

Web comics are one of THE best sources for readers. Seriously. If you have a "young adult" novel, you have a wider range of sites than some of us do, for instance, me. :) Your serial in particular is ideally suited for catching an audience from web comics. Go for it, PC!

Hi PC,

Check out for a list of currently-popular stuff. You'd probably pick up some readers from Megatokyo, if you can afford to advertise there. Maybe from No Need for Bushido. Maybe even from Aoi House, if they are taking ads. Anything superhero should definitely work, too.

Good luck with it.


Also try vgcats -- again, they are probably expensive, but should definitely be a receptive audience.

You might check out "The Dreamland Chronicles." It seems to have a younger audience as well.

Whoops, forgot to thank everyone here for all their advice. :) I'm going to wait until I have a bit more material to put up, but all of the suggestions thus far I think are going to prove really useful. Thanks again!

Well, I tried my first shot at advertising today on The Dreamland Chronicles. Does anyone have any advise when it comes to advertising via Project Wonderful? The traffic I got as a result of advertising was extremely small (we're talking less than 50) compared to the number of people that viewed the ad (over 8000 unique visitors) in about a 6-hour period, and I'm wondering if that is common. How do you gauge whether your advertising is successful or not?

Hi PC -- 50 hits from 8000 is actually a pretty good rate for Project Wonderful. High, even.

The big question is what was your cost per click, and was it more than you wanted to pay. We've been running a campaign for WFG, and I'm setting my PW threshold to $0.10 per click. At that rate, PW is still the least expensive advertising system around -- our Google ads cost per click was nearly $0.40 per, with a high bounce rate (people leaving without clicking on a separate page). If your cost per click was less than that, you might want to consider it a useful ad spot.

The other thing you might want to do is set up Google Analytics on your site. Then you can have a look, after the fact, to see if those people stayed on your site for long. If all they did was click through the ad and leave, you might not want to pay for that spot any more. On the other hand, if all 50 people read the whole story, you might be willing to pay $0.20 or even $0.30 per click to keep the spot.