Open commentry...

Okay, this is just a quick question about site design. I've finally managed to stick the code for comment boxes on my website, but I can't get them to match the rest of the site's aesthetic without muddling stuff up. I'm also not sure if I picked a good spot to put the boxes in the first place, but it seems the only logical location. What do you guys think? Are they findable, usable and at all good-lookable?

Apart from having to scroll down a HELLUVA long way :-) ... look fairly good, and the grey matches in with the grey sword and cross.

I'd think they're in the logical place... you read the chapter, get to the end and decide to comment - voila, comment box!

Yup, that was the idea... but then I thought, wait, what if someone decides to read the PDF version, which I do tend to recommend. How will they know to give me my praise? My ego needs the praise! It needs it to live!

(Contrastingly, my Id needs the disparaging and depressing criticism, and my Superego needs... uh... what the hell does a Superego do again?).

It was only a second ago I realised I could just put a bulletin on my front page, which should solve that. It's the scroll that bothers me now. There's got to be some way to link to a specific part of a page, not just the top.

As long as the boxes aren't fugly, though I'm happy. For this moment, and maybe the next.

i can't find the comment box :S

@NiSp- That's what I was afraid of...

I've just checked to make sure- they are still there, nobody's stolen them. They're right at the bottom of each Act III- there's a link on the front page. You have to wait for the pages to finish loading completely before the comment boxes appear.

Let me know if you find them. Poor things.

i found the poor things... more than one even - once i stopped looking in act I & II :P

functionality: zombie-easy, from act III

aesthetics: the different look doesn't detract from the site at all (imo)

and i have to say i generally enjoy the way you've set up your site :)