Other names for werewolves?

So, weird question. I'm writing the sequel to my werewolf book, and in it the MC's best friend finds out that she's a werewolf. Her friend likes to pretend she's into the occult, among other things (anything to be different). I was thinking, it'd be funny if her friend refused to call her a werewolf, and instead used another, cult-ish name. Maybe a name for some kind of shapeshifting spirit, or something like that. Problem is, my knowledge of the occult is somewhat nonexistent. Anyone have some suggestions?

Lycanthrope,Lusus naturae or Loup-garou maybe?

Ehhh... I was hoping for something more fairy tale-ish, lol. Something that doesn't necessarily have to do with werewolves, just shape shifters in general. Something a... I dunno, a hipster for the supernatural would feel good about saying.

Lycan? Something along the lines of a changling?

EverQuest just kept the 'were' bit for those shifters. Wolfwere, bearwere, ratwere, lionwere. They only shifted into that type of animal.

But there's another idea: why not go super simple and just call them shifters?

Wolfskin? Also breaks down to stuff like skin-changer. Ties back to originating myths (wherein one would wear the hide of a wolf and change) and to modern ideas, like a group of werewolves calling themselves wolfskins because (in a PC light) "the change is only skin deep, we're still ourselves!"

Rakshasa? Sounds vaguely Oriental and Oriental usually equals occupt. It refers to shapeshifting demons

Note that "sidhe" can also be spelt "shee", as in "banshee" (bean-sidhe), so you could use something like cushee or failshee as alternative spellings/mockery.

Hmm... I don't want to take it too far. It's just supposed to be a joke, after all. Maybe I'll just go with "lycanthropes" since nobody else calls them that.

How about Lupomorph Sapien?

Here's how I want the conversation to go. (abridged version)

"OMG you're a [fancy name for shapeshifters]!"

"... a what?"

"A [fancy name for shapeshifters]!"

"No, I'm a werewolf."

"There's no such things as werewolves. They're really [fancy name for shapeshifters], servants of Mother Gaia and defenders of the woodlands and [ongoing mystical ramblings]."

"I'm pretty sure I'm just a werewolf."

"Oh, Mother Gaia! We thank thee for bestowing this blessing onto my friend Amber! I pray that she becomes one with the animal kingdom and brings an end to the human tyranny!"

What if they don't read the script?


You could always dig up some obscure Latin term if it fits your world. Everything sounds cool in Latin. :)

I've decided to go with what Chrysalis said. Latin makes everything better. And it let me make this joke:

"Amber, you're a qui lupum fieri!"

"I'm a queer lump of... what now?"

Turnskin maybe? Or the latin term it translates versipellis...

I think Versipellis would work very well in the context you mention. (source https://www.wordnik.com/words/turnskin )

Turnskin maybe? Or the latin term it translates versipellis...

I think Versipellis would work very well in the context you mention. (source https://www.wordnik.com/words/turnskin )

"Practitioner of Lupinmancy"

If you want something that sounds really hippie, go with something like "Moon Child"

Has anyone mentioned skin-walker yet? It's a bit more loaded due to it being a reference to the Navajo. Kind of like a witch (male or female) who can turn into an animal. Not just limited to wolves, I think.

Possibly try something to do with spirits, too. Lots of spirits involved in shapeshifting, like kelpies and such.

Depending on the setting, it's possible that your term might originally be a reference to a different type of "were". Like how some places originally had werehyenas or werejaguars instead of werewolves. Or how some areas of Eastern Europe use the same term for werewolves and vampires, since some of the werewolves over there are dead people who come back at night as blood-drinking giant wolves.