Other than formal publication

Well, other than published as novels, what other possibilities that a web fiction can changed into? Maybe into films, video games, webcomics and gamebook? What do you think? Is there other things possible?

It would be possible to serialise many webfics into a magazine-type deal. This is an idea I've been playing with for a while now.

What I'd like to do is a for-profit venture, where you buy subscriptions to a selection of webserials for a fee, with anthologies and potentially even exclusive serials run in the form of a print magazine.

No idea how much interest there would be for something like that, though. Would anyone here buy a subscription?



I'd have to think about subscribing, but I'd definitely participate. :)

Ryan: That's what we're working up to doing at fluffy-seme :) It will eventually be a subscription based site where writers are paid to publish their serial fiction and readers must subscribe to get the content first.

But we're still developing the community so that when we do go subscription we have a nice little marketable product

Isa: So what exactly are you offering writers at the moment?



Ryan: At this moment we're not open for submissions ... so ... nothing XD

Webzines, eh? That's quite a great idea. But then, I have intend to write an web gamebook as a spin-off of the story arc I'm currently writing. What do you think?

"Could?" Sky's the limit. Name a medium that the Star Wars franchise isn't somehow represented in.