Ouch: When backups go wrong

Well, I had a bit of a snafu recently. I've been working hard on Black Hat Magick volume 2: Tango & Cache when -- if thour't following my Twitter feed @kytsune -- I discovered that I'd somehow lost chapter 15. Totally missing. Not present in any of my online backups.

The worst part of this is that I don't have incremental backups that last more than a month now. I used to run an SVN server that would keep my files in revisions so that I could roll them back if I were to totally catastrophically mess something up.

Does anyone have an incremental or revision backup service they've found useful?

Of course, part of my problem is that I also encrypt my entire manuscript (in one volume) which I figure I'd have to give up for incremental backups. Not that I'm paranoid about someone taking my story, it's more about keeping data safely in the cloud.

Hm, yes, Github is a good idea. Although, I'm using Windows for all my work -- no doubt there's something for that.

I just use the back-up service that comes with windows, and copy out to an external hard drive. That's saved me a couple of times. :/

I write and save the thing in Google Docs, and then post it to Blogger. So there's two copies floating around out there even if my computer gets fried for some reason.

Plus, that allows me to work on it from anywhere. I can even sit around and do last minute edits on my phone before posting it if I want to.

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