Out with a bang, or a whimper, who knows?

My web serial wrapped up on Saturday.

It's short, only 42,000 words total, which means it's not even a novel by NaNoWriMo standards, and I cheated by having the whole thing written before ever posting it online. But it's still nice to see the stories now available in their entirety after having the carpet yanked out from under me several times when trying to get the stories published the old fashioned way. And I think the covers I put together are pretty nifty.

As for lessons: I am bad at promotion. And the run time was too short (June-October) for it to get much attention without a big push to start off with. I probably should have used Wattpad instead of a dedicated Wordpress site.

Nice things: Because of the relatively low traffic, I could tell when someone was archive binging, which is a pretty cool feeling.

I'm hoping just to get folks reading the whole thing at once from now on and spreading the word, even if reading it now it lacks the serialization cliff-hanger feelings I was hoping people would get.

Congratulations on finishing your web serial! Doesn't matter how short it is, you still finished it!

Congrats! My first serial is looking to weigh in at about 90k words (cries).

Hey Michal, I feel like you're selling yourself short, so here's a few thoughts on why you shouldn't do that.

I don't think having it written first, then posting it, is really cheating. I'm presently doing that myself (T&T), though I also wrote week to week (Epsilon) and wrote with a buffer of several episodes that fluctuated over time (Math). They're all about getting the work out there. Also, it's not about length... I have major trouble writing shorter stories, so honestly, kudos there. Also for making covers.

I don't know how much Wattpad would have bought you; I ran my current serial there for a couple months, and it got ZERO views. It wasn't my first effort on that site either, my first one had a couple readers, but they didn't follow me over. Granted, I never promoted T&T on that site, because I was promoting my blog site instead... to wit, if you had someone archive binging, pat yourself on the back. It took at least two years of Math being up before I caught someone doing that, and your run time was less than that. It may well happen again.

So, congrats! Let's call it a Bang! (But you obviously don't have to take my word for it, because it should be obvious by now that I'm lousy at promotion too.)

Thanks all!

Mathtans: "Cheating" is admittedly meaningless in this context, but I do feel a bit guilty after reading the forums here and seeing people scrambling to outrun their posting deadlines. I definitely think prepping it for publishing on the web improved the package of novellas overall; the draft initially accepted for publication by Eggplant Literary Productions didn't have the intermissions, epilogue, or some of the digressions I added in to fit the format (who knows how that would have turned out, the company folded before we even got close to the editing stage).

I was able to draw in some readers from my main blog/podcast, which helped. My main thing with avoiding Wattpad is that I just don't like how the site looks, but I noticed other authors doing well there.

Hi folks,

I queried another small press that opened to novellas and they said they'd take a look at the manuscript. Until I hear back, the site is set to "private", so you won't be able to read the series for now, unfortunately. But I think it's worth the shot.