Over 100 views today!

So, today was an important milestone for me: I got 112 views in a single day! The previous two days, I got 90+ views, which is also pretty awesome. Before these past few days, my highest amount of views was 91 in a single day, and I'm pretty sure it was just an out-of-nowhere spike. Just wanted to brag because I'm pretty psyched.


Good work you! Congrats. :)

Hey! Congratulations, t4nky! Anything in particular you've found has been working for you?

@Tartra What's worked for me is being linked by Top Web Fiction. All you need is four suckers, I mean fans, and you're on the charts. This doesn't include WFG and its forums, which have been pretty big in their own right. A lot of stuff from WFG proper is probably thanks to your review, Tartra, so thank you! Also, I'd like to thank kingandcommoner for linking to me on Rumor's Block. These three have honestly been the biggest boosts. I've also submitted a few chapters for critique at /r/writing and asked for some help with big ideas on /r/whowouldwinworkshop on Reddit. However, the best audience members have been from the WFG satellites. All of the people who have commented have been from there.

was that total views, or unique viewers?

As soon as I have a less ugly website, I am gonna be flogging it in every direction. I really, really should have TOKoR on TWF, but I keep chickening out on asking because, "Noooo, they're gonna see how ugly my colour scheme is..."

I'm fixing it, people! I swear!

Also, what's Rumor's Block? Google just yelled something about hockey trades at me, but I don't think that's what you meant.

@Alexander.Hollins: Total views. I only have about 30 unique visitors. Something tells me that if the Unique Views get up there, that might be when it goes viral. At least I hope it will.

@Tartra: Here's a link to Rumor's Block: https://rumorblock.wordpress.com/

Also, I personally would start promoting now and let God (aka, your audience,) sort out your color scheme. I can see your point of view, but I'm the kind of person who, when it comes to marketing, is just like go, go, go! The reason being is that without feedback, I tend to burn out. I don't know what would happen if I get to the point where I have enough fans for assholes to start wandering in.

Don't let embarrassment over your website stop you from promoting it. I've been intending to replace my current theme practically since the moment I put it up.

In the end, if people like the story, the theme is irrelevant. Want proof? Click through and look at my theme.

Argh. You're right. I keep thinking I'm out of the anxiety doghouse, but I guess I'm still caught in that, "It's not perfect, so you can't blame me if this doesn't work out! I warned you!" mindset of excuses.

The very least I can do is finish crosswicking everything on TVTropes.


A full factor of ten in difference between you and me -- in your favour ;)

@Sten During: Quick tip: put a link to your serial and a tagline in your forum signature. That way, every post you make is promoting your serial, but you aren't spamming.


Thanks for the tip, but I see it as polite from my side to at least wait until my serial submission request has been tended to by an editor here ;)

@Sten: Once you get registered, I can guarantee that you're going to get a huge bump in traffic. I think everyone here, unless they get bad reviews, gets at least one view a day. As to placing a link in your sig, I did that as soon as I joined, and it was two to three weeks before NIU got listed. No one complained or reported me for spam, and I got traffic out of it.

Just to back up what Jim said, even if you think something is a problem, that's no guarantee that readers will. (I don't tend to notice colour schemes. Also I have a friend who's colourblind.) The other thing is, if you get it out there, YOUR readers might be able to provide better feedback on what will work for them - because the audience you expect might NOT be the audience you get. (If I'd spent a lot of money on marketing/advertising personified math to educators, I think that would have been money wasted.)

@t4nky: Careful of guarantees and absolutes. To get 100 views, I'd have to stretch back over two weeks, adding up all the totals. (I suppose I could do it in a single week if I combined views for both my present serial, and my archived one.) April 16th had no visits. In other words, there's probably OTHER things you're doing aside from registering your links... for instance not being terrible at publicity. Or even if there isn't anything else, there's always people out there who are outliers, and who won't have the same success. And they shouldn't feel like low views means their writing is bad. (Because it's not! It's NOT I say! The 500 view day aberration from April 9 tells me so! I don't CARE if it was all bots! They love me! Ahem.)

@mathtans - Whoa, whoa! Story time: what happened with you and those bots?

I imprisoned them on a space station, and I send them links to my story every week. They say it's so good they can't wait for the ending. I think they built themselves a human up there for company. I should probably be paying closer attention.

Congratulations on hitting 100 views in one day. That's awesome! :)