Pandamian in Public Beta

Hi guys!

You may or may not have heard about this, but we've launched Pandamian, a publishing platform for web fiction. (see: ).

The idea behind it is that writers shouldn't need to spent time on technical issues - and so we plan to handle everything from domain registration to design, comment-spam protection, ebook conversion, etc.

(An unofficial one-liner that we keep repeating to ourselves: writers shouldn't need to read a single line of code)

Anyway, what we've got up is a public beta, which I'll admit doesn't yet have most of the features we intend to implement. But I'll be very appreciative if you signed up (it's free!) and tell us what you'd like, or would love to see implemented before you'd consider switching to Pandamian.

Sign up: or Twitter: @pandamian or Ze Blog

I like the one liner. I'm using a similar one myself, You should be able to focus on what's important. Your writing!

How themable/customizable is the current setup? I was looking through the samples (Sherlock Holmes, Cathedral and the Bazaar) and I found myself wondering if the text could be modified with stylesheets.

Also, is it something the user downloads and installs (i.e., an engine like Drupal or WordPress) or is it a service that an author signs up to get an account on (like

It looks overall like it's an interesting framework, though at PRESENT it looks like my current site does everything Pandamian does (when Pandamian supports the "convert text to ebook" feature that will change drastically though).

@ubersoft: It's not themable at the moment, but we've got it on the todo (I've taken a cursory look at what it means to expose a theming engine, and it's ... quite a bit of work)

Also, Pandamian is like (or, if you want to compare ease-of-use). We figured that "writers shouldn't need to read a single line of code" applies just as well to not forcing writers to download-and-install software.

And yes, it's true that Pandamian doesn't do anything your current site doesn't already do. But we're adding features at a good clip, and would like to have more users influence the order in which we add those features.

A preview of several features we have planned (in no particular order, and do note that some of these features are going to take some time to build):

1) Cover images (and image uploading in general)

2) Ebook conversion

3) Ebook conversion for specific ebook stores (e.g. generate an ebook suited for submission to the Kindle store/Kobo store/Smashwords store, etc ...)

4) Themes

5) Deep-linking/social sharing of quotes

6) Your own ebook store, perhaps

And so on. Do sign up, btw - it takes 30 seconds, is absolutely free, plus you'll get to see what I'm talking about. :)

Basically, pandamian is a full solution for people that don't want to worry about having to do everything themselves.

Hmm, hey Eli. That makes us competitors! I am vastly amused by this!

Great site! A doddle to use even for a technophobe like myself.

I've added Parts 1-30 of Refuge of Delayed Souls. Will be adding more later.

Personally, I would like to see the cover facility up and running asap. I like pretty :)

Is there any way to view sites people have set up using Pandamian? I'm a bit preoccupied with my own site at the moment but I would like to see examples of what people are doing with it.

They do have a general list of the books up right now.

I've worked my way through the book list and it has been an interesting experience.

The lack of covers, tags and themes has encouraged me to read a couple of books I probably wouldn't have chosen under normal circumstances.

This is awesome :) I signed up for an account just to test it -- haven't posted anything, but it looks awesome.