Patreon Button

I've looked all over the Patreon site, and I've googled how to do it, and I can't find the information anywhere. I know some of the people here who have serials online have Patreon buttons on their sites that lead directly to your Patreon campaign.

Could someone please tell me how to go about getting such a button (I have a Patreon, I just don't have a button for it).

If you're using wordpress like most people use this plugin: Follow the instructions and you should be set. Note that wordpress is different from, which currently doesn't have a patreon widget. If you would still like a button your best bet would be to just put up an image and link it to your patreon.

Thanks, that helps a lot. I'm on right now, but I'm going to be migrating at some point, probably. I just have to decide what I want my site to look like first.

I'll use the linked image idea.

I use an HTML box. I used a small link and an image the same as you would on a message board.