Pay Me, Bug! is in a StoryBundle

So my very first serial, Pay Me, Bug! has been floating around as a novel for a few years, doing pretty much what you'd expect an unpublicized novel written by a complete unknown to do. :-) This month, though, it's actually in the ImmerseOrDie StoryBundle, which I think is pretty cool.

(StoryBundle is a "pay what you want" promotion where a bunch of authors put their books into a package deal and sell DRM-free versions through the StoryBundle site.)

here's the link if you're curious:

Anyway, I'm kinda stoked!

Huh, this looks really interesting. Can't believe that one of the creators of Crash Bandicoot is writing a book. Also, Crimson Son looks really cool!?! (It's a bit silly that Jefferson Smith added his own book to the bundle, since it doesn't really fit the theme of "Books Jefferson Smith reviewed and liked," but I can forgive that, since his blog seems nice and this is a good bundle.)

Sry, Chris. Pay Me, Bug! would probs go near the bottom of the pile, but that's mainly because I'm still working my way through the very-fun Curveball, and it seems silly to start the one when I'm not finished with the other.

Ha! Well I wasn't expecting y'all to buy it. We do web fiction here, if anyone was interested in PMB! I figure they'd just read it on my site. I just mentioned it because I THINK IT'S REALLY COOOOOOOOL

Ahem. Sorry. :D

(I think it's more than fair for Jefferson to add his own book, considering the amount of work he did putting the StoryBundle together and getting us all involved.)

Dude, that is slick! I will be pimping the bundle out to friends. (I may buy it, it looks good, but i already bought pmb on amazon, heh. )

But yeah, sweet! Not sure if I want to ask for the sequel, or more points between though.

Is the novel version superior to the serial?

Also, not to divert things a whole lot, but on the Dynamite Ultimate Heroes tab there, they have Project Superheroes, too.

It's exactly the same, though I think the copy is cleaner (more typos caught).