Paypal Donations, Business or Personal?

I was considering putting a donation button up finally, but I was curious about whether it should be a Personal Paypal Account or if it really mattered. I figured that instead of annoying the two writers I sometimes annoy about questions, I'd ask here and probably get more answers to figure it out.

FYI, be aware that Paypal will step in after you've taken in something like $10,000 and lock your account. You'll need to answer some questions and provide some information. This will, in turn, validate your account (which opens up some options - some vendors, like NewEgg, won't accept paypal unless you're validated/verified). Alternately, you can validate your account right from the get-go, typically by connecting it to your credit card or bank account.

The caveat being that Paypal is kind of assholish and if you connect the paypal account to something, they can lock both your paypal account and your card/bank account with minimal warning/excuse. It only happens to 1% of people, but if you're that 1%, well... A smart thing to do would be to have a secondary bank account for just tying to your online activities (and possibly transferring money to an account they can't lock with some regularity).

To create buttons on your website and interact with people in different countries, you'll need a business or premier account. (I have a premier account due to high transaction volume but started with business, IIRC).

There is also that you can use.

Patreon is intended for regular (monthly) donations, though, not the one-time donations that most people prefer.

Well it's intended for monthly, but it can do both. I think.

Personally I have a business account on PayPal, but I agree with Wildbow -- PayPal is not ultimately trustworthy because if they turn on you you're pretty much screwed. So... I have one because I need one, but my ultimate goal is to abandon PayPal completely.

Same here, but problem is, even in promoting Patreon, the only option I really have (being outside the US) is to have Patreon funds to go to my paypal account.

Those of you who have a Paypal business account... did you have to provide written proof that you've registered your business in your country? Or do payments go through just fine even with an unverified business account?

It costs several hundred swiss francs (nearly as many dollars) to register a business in Switzerland. Our bureaucrats are a greedy bunch.

Well all I had to do for proof was provide the tax ID number the IRS gave me when I registered with them. But I don't think that's useful information for you...

You can do Patreon to do monthly campaigns and set it for what you need(like every 4 projects or 1 project posted) to make it easier to prevent issues between creators and fans. I have mine for each chapter I post as right now I am only posting on story right now monthly. But, Wildbow, Patreon is looking to fix the payment issues for both international and US users(we can now do direct deposit in the USA) and announced it in their live stream on Speedcast either last month or earlier this month(my memory is failing me at the moment for this). They are trying to work it so Patreon will be able to hold different currencies and make it easier on international users. Probably due to the Paypal screwing with Patreon due to NSFW content some creators had and almost wiping everyone's able to use PayPal on Patreon. Now it is only creators with actively posting NSFW that cannot use PayPal.

I just did PayPal for my new company account.

I had to provide:

*Business registration

*Proof of business address

*Proof of director address + photo ID

*Primary shareholder/s address

*Types of transactions and assumed costs