PayPal Micropayments

During a discussion on Novelr, I discovered something I'd never heard of before: PayPal Micropayments.

I'd been struggling with my plans to charge for content because of the high PayPal fees, but this totally changes things for me.

Now y'all probably knew about this already and I'm looking like a big dork right now. ;)


I knew about it, but you're definitely excused from not knowing. Micro-payments were something that Scott McCloud (of Understanding Comics) pushed for as an option.

I think it's a really cool idea, but it hasn't taken off yet.

If I were getting more donations, I would definitely sign up for this, but since I get $10 here and then nothing for a couple months, it's not really worth it. I'd be saving about 4 cents on that one. Plus, I get paid for other web ventures via paypal, and I've been using it to get money I'm owed from people in new orleans (since I moved back up to Maryland and it's the fastest and easiest way to make sure they send it... no "check's in the mail, bro" bullshit.)

Still, if donations picked up, I could see setting up a merchant account with micropayments specifically to handle donations, then keep my current one for everything else.

It appears PayPal will allow you to have two accounts, one with micropayments and one without.

I've written them for additional confirmation, though. (Their customer service site and bot were no help at all on micropayments.)


Got a response!

"Merchants who receive both "macro" and "micro" payments can maintain two separate accounts: One account to apply their standard rate to "macro" payments and a second account to apply the "micro" payments rate to their micropayments."

That help things out?