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I kinda wanna start a blog. However, I have almost no idea what to write about. There's so much stuff that I wanna say about everything that it's almost impossible to cram it all into blog posts. So, here's my questions: What do you write about on your blog? Is it strictly for your writing, something else, or a little bit of everything?

I've let my personal blog languor, despite my initial intentions. I used it to preview some chapters, and I've had some thoughts on writing & personal news, but I tend to do better with a schedule, and I had none for the blog.

I don't have one and most likely never will, call it paranoia or whatever. I would advise you to put whatever feels right and nothing you would regret in a couple years, the internet is forever.

I talk about my own writing and process, which I enjoy as a diary and flows very naturally as I write it, but I'm aware isn't that interesting to a broad audience beyond people who like my stuff and want to know more. I do keep meaning to reassess the blog and find some better ideas, but I don't yet have any and I'd rather spend this thinking time on the fiction.

"the internet is forever."

The exact reason I have a crippling fear of posting any personal thoughts/feelings/etc anywhere. That and I can't imagine anyone ever being at all interested in anything I have to say.

The closest thing I have to a personal blog is a tumblr. I use it to reblog things about video games I like.


I have a personal blog that I use to write about stuff I've learned about writing, my own journey, and other random, usually-writing-related stuff that crosses my brain. It goes in and out of activity, depending on my mood, time, energy, and feelings at the time.

It's your blog. Make it do what you want to do. :)

I have had blogs on/off for ten years through blogspot, livejournal, xanga, deviantart, etc. Slice of life blogging seems passe now since most people facebook to use for that sort of stuff.

Blogs sometimes took on the flavor of the communities in which they were hosted. I'd talk art stuff and conventions at DA (not anymore because people have moved on to Tumblr for that stuff). Then I talked about fandom stuff in other places like LJ back when it was an active community.

These days I push content onto "blogs" in two flavors

* blogging about webnovels/business of webnovels at online-novel (I don't call it a writerly blog because there are a lot of good ones already out there and what I have to add on general writing isn't novel enough.)

* blogging about fandom stuff (but intermittently) at

Ultimately though I only blog when I have something interesting/provocative to add that I think makes worthwhile reading for a general audience. I'm not blogging to generate revenue so the frequency of my blogging is pretty bad. Also blogging sometimes competes with time I would like to use for other pursuits like my own writing so I won't commit to writing a blog entry on a schedule.

Just be aware that your blog is your identity, sadly -- so if you decide to blog personal things or pet-peeves that this will always be out there with your name attached to it and for all future employers and readers to see or dig up. (The internet never forgets.)

It's very hard to ask others to help you to decide if you want to write a blog because we can't tell you what you want, only you can figure out if you like/hate something.

But I will try my best to point out the realities of starting a blog that you may want to know in advance so you don't just start one just to abandon it because it's not what you thought it would be after all.

Firstly, a personal blog is just that. Personal.

You can make it your author news blog, you can make it a place where you just share neat things you find online, or you can post your deep thoughts on controversial topics. You can make it do all of these things at once. Honestly, there is no kind of law or rule that says you can only post one kind of thing all the time.

Yes, most authors have a website for readers to check them out, or a blog where they talk more about writing in general, or their writing, or their lives as writers, or just their lives. But that's because that's what they want their blog to do for them--promote their writing, give behind-the-scenes stuff about their work, etc.

But the lines between personal and professional tend to blend, unless you're a business blog writing about your latest product. So you can literally write everything if you really wanted to do that, though you may find that when you actually sit down (assuming you haven't) to write your posts/articles ... most tend to fall into an area of interest and some things are harder to write than you initially realized and you can end up scrapping them.

Yes, it does matter what you want to post. If you're just interested in posting something very short and slice-of-life, maybe look into a twitter account. If you don't know what the posts are going to be like yet, then go try and write them. If it's not clicking for you, it's hard, it's weird, or it's just not as interesting as you thought, then you have your answer.

Secondly, another thing to ask yourself if you're interested in blogging is WHY. Why do you want to do this? If you can't answer it, then perhaps that is why you feel your content would be unfocused and all over the place. It is also a weak motivator to not know why you're doing something. You very well could just get sick of it one day or lose interest and never blog again.

If you can narrow down your reasons or at least the initial reason you started to think about writing a blog, then that will really help you decide if you want to go the whole way and do it.

For example,

"I'm inspired by something I've read," "I see all these authors with blogs and wonder if I need one to be an author," "I have all these great ideas for novels and I want to share them, "I want somewhere to feed my addiction to reading books,"

Each of these reasons totally changes what kind of blog you'd end up making. It also changes whether or not you will find yourself blogging ten years down the road or whether you are trying to get an audience to read your blog, etc.

Thirdly, if you are serious about blogging, think ahead about it. You have to decide a lot of things before you even write your first post. How it looks, any additional graphics, its name, its navigation, its host (wordpress, blogger, etc.), its posting schedule, and so on. If that's starting to sound like gibberish or too much work, maybe you don't want to write a blog after all and there are other places to express yourself.

Lastly, you can write something permanent that you regret. But you can also delete with the touch of a button, write under a false name, and pretty much set up google alerts to tell you if your name/content gets stolen or mentioned somewhere online. You can control what you post to a powerful degree, though if something does go viral it's easy to make a million copies of something before you even think to erase it.

I hope that helped.

I have an author blog. Sometimes I ramble on it.

'S about it.