Piers Anthony on Editing

Hi folks,

I was just reading Piers Anthony's latest newsletter, and he's included a 'Pep Talk on Editing'.

So in the hopes that it's useful, or at least entertaining, I link you to -

Piers Anthony's latest newsletter.

(yes, he is very low-tech!)

Thanks for posting that. I sent him a letter and got a very nice response back from his people--he doesn't email himself. In fact, he recommended I take my work to CreateSpace instead of Lulu, and I do believe I'm going to do exactly that. HUGE price difference, and inclusion in the Amazon catalog. Yeah, I know, Amazon isn't playing nice but it's Amazon. I really want to be in there. And I'd have an ISBN number. ISBNs seem to be the difference between being snubbed and being accepted in certain circles. And even though many of those circles are utter bullshit, some of them I need. I'll let you know how it goes.

MM, I'm glad to hear it was useful! He does seem a nice person (if a little grouchy at times... hmmm, think we have something in common... LOL), and he's quite involved in the whole e-publishing scene.

I'd love to keep updated on how you're going. If I ever finish a series, I may look at something similar myself.

MeiLin: If you go to CreateSpace you still won't have an ISBN number. The ones that CS uses aren't 'real' ISBNs, more like internal labels, and you won't be able to find your book anywhere with them. There has been loads of discussion around the net about how CS misrepresents itself in that way.



piers anthony is a childhood hero of mine, so it was great reading his newsletter - thanks for reminding me he was still around, nomesque!

good luck with your ISBN listing, meilin :)

PS. Not trying to shoot anyone down, just a friendly warning, since I almost made the CreateSpace mistake myself a few years ago.



I remember when I was working for a magazine, I e-mailed Piers Anthony and said "Hullo, can I interview you?" and then went on with my day, confident that I had some time to think up some questions to ask him. I panicked when, three hours later, one of His People wrote me back and said "Sure, send your questions," and I had to think stuff up Right Quick.


Um. Which is barely related, but there you go. I am becoming misty-eyed and memory-sharing in my old age. ;)

(I remember us talking about CreateSpace at the time, though I no longer remember what we said, and the copies I have of that issue are in a box, somewhere in my office. I remember being nervous about his CreateSpace opinions. But I haven't thought about it any further since then, and am thus perfectly useless on the matter.)

(Boy was this a useful post, Pete.)

it was entertaining nonetheless ;)

i mailed him too and was thrilled at the quick response. he works his little goblins hard...

you should dig that interview out. although, i may just be a tad selfish and be the only one who wants to read it!

Ryan, you have a publisher, who gives you a real ISBN. I don't, and considering the only publisher who would leave my website alone rejected me recently, I'm committed to going indie. So far, financially, I have ZERO regrets.

As things stand, people *still* can't find my book unless they go to my site or Lulu.com (well, right now, they can't find it anywhere since I've taken the original down and am working with an editor for a final edition). So they can not find my book anywhere else except Lulu.com, or they can not find my book anywhere else except CreateSpace (with the big exception that with CreateSpace it will be up at Amazon, and that's worth a lot).

It's all rather moot unless I want to get a real ISBN from Lulu.com and charge $21.95 for a trade paperback, I don't think. ;)

Meilin, this might be useful to you, if you haven't already seen it -


MeiLin: Whoa there -- like I said, I was just trying to warn you. I'm not telling you to avoid CreateSpace if you think it's the best thing for you to do. I just wanted to bring your attention to it before you jumped into something you might've regretted (apparently without knowing about the CS/ISBN fiasco).



Ryan, that sounded a LOT more fierce than I intended. :) Apologies. Happens when I forget to use smilies

MeiLin: Not sure, but you might find this helpful about ISBNs.


At this point, I'm not so worried about universal ISBNs. :) I just did a presale of book one; my readers ponied up $1050 in a little over a week to pay for my editor.