Please give me feedback

So, my latest endeavor (which is actually written fully before posting this time) has officially launched. I would like notes on the first chapter, as well as on the site layout. This is going to last around a year and four months, and that's only the first series (second series possible, depending on donations), so I would like everything to be nice. Also, if you have any tips on gaining an actual readership, please speak up. I'm not very good at marketing.


I don't like how I have to click on "menu" and then select a page from the menu that appears. Two clicks when one should be enough. That's a minor inconvenience, and if someone's looking for something they'll still find it, but it makes it harder for readers to find the donation button for example.

Content-wise, not much to say. It's been only 1000 words. I presume the contradictions in Danny's narrative (I.e. quiet non-adventurous kids breaking into school at night on a whim) are intentional. I'll be reading for now.

Yeah, I'm gonna add in "next chapter" and "previous chapter" links every time a chapter goes live. I like it better when the theme automatically has it at the bottom, but I don't know how to do that on my own. As for everything else: I'm assuming you're on a phone/tablet, and I'm not sure how to make it all show up like that on those things (I know, I'm really terrible at tech stuff; I'm taking classes).

EDIT: I checked several Wordpress sites such as Worm, my blog, and Rasa, and have come to the conclusion that that's usually just how the mobile site comes up, the exception being Rasa, which opened in the desktop website on my phone.

As for the contradictions, it's really not much of a spoiler: Champaign, Illinois is an actual place, which I actually live close to, and I know for a fact that things get really boring around there. For people that don't even try to do fun things, it's even worse. Sometimes, the people don't realize that they're bored, because they've never done anything fun or exciting, and that's what the kids in the story are feeling: they're tired of their dull, boring life, and they subconsciously want to do something fun/exciting/crazy/stupid. This, mixed with Chris and Katie being complete a-holes makes them finally break out and do something fun/exciting/crazy/stupid, and in turn sends them to the school to vandalize some lockers, and find a dead body. *SPOILERS START HERE, BUT NOT THAT BADLY* By the end of the thing, they realize that they can't go back to their normal life, and by Volume II, they are searching for something more fulfilling than what they had been living through before.