please help with my site(weebly)

I'm coming up on one hundred pages of my novel and I think it's about time I put it up online. So a little while ago I went ahead and made a website on weebly, seeing as I just don't have time to learn too much about website creation. creating tabs to put my poetry under and an about me section was pretty easy, but making the section for my writing the way I want it isn't something weebly can do by itself.

I want the tab with the book in it to be a table of contents, with each chapter being a link to a different page, but I don't want those pages to be in the tabs up top and I don't want it set up like a blog. I'm pretty bad with all this junk, and I'd really appreciate some help. As soon as I fix the site and copyright my work I plan to post the site here. Thanks in advance for anything you can do for me, if you want to give me advice on entering in custom code please keep in mind I am a laymen.

Hi Richard.

The technically minded here will be able to help, but as a complete net novice myself, I found weebly did everything I wanted. VERY BASIC. But I also used google sites, and they have an 'on top' option with their 'new pages' which allows you to put a set of pages 'under' the tab.

There will be better advice coming, Im sure, but meantime, why not have a look at googlesites, and see if they suit your needs any better.


I would be happy to help, but it is very hard to do without some code or example page etc. I am not to familiar with weebly, but I am familiar with Wordpress and creating custom templates. If I understand you correctly, I think I may have set up my Wordpress site with a similar type of navigation structure. (link is in my signature)

Ive got my navigation broken down into 2 main categories - the chapters of the book itself (with each link heading off to a chapter page wherein is a list of all the pages within said chapter, each titled and with a small excpert for reader ease), and a resources section for additional info about me the novel, etc.

The nice part about wordpress is there is much support, many plugins, does good with search engines with one or two plugins, and once you are up and running it is very easy to jump in and add/edit pages.

My questions for you are:

1. Do you have your own domain/hosting (opens up possibilities for putting your novel online and gives you better control)?

2. Do you have any example page setup that we can see?

Just create the page and get the link. Go to the page site where it has the list of all the pages, then hide the page you want to hide. Create another page where you want the tab, then link to the page there. I used to have weebly and I still love it, but it didn't have an automatic poster which is something I really needed.

thanks for your feedback guys. I really appreciate it.