Plot twists (massive spoilers to my latest serial; like, really massive)


I was watching Youtube when I suddenly thought: What if Heisman is the alien that wants to destroy the world from the flashback 1,000,000 years ago? and then things simply began falling into place so that I pretty much know how the first season is gonna go down. I was just wondering: has anything like this happened to anybody else? Like, you were doing something completely unrelated, and you came up with the perfect plot twist that would define the entire story. I write like that a lot, and I wasn't sure if I was completely alone in that situation.

Yeah. The big ones have been set in stone for a while, so it's not story-defining, but the little stuff comes to me with some regularity. Walking to my dad's place to have dinner together/see my little brother, get an evil grin on my face as I think of a brutal way to end a chapter. For me, having a major writing output is essential - I think writing would be -harder- if I wrote half what I write now, because I wouldn't constantly be thinking about the story or letting my brain free-wheel in attempts to connect two things together.

Spoilers as in past spoilers or future spoilers (ie, for someone already up to date)? *looking away from screen while scrolling*

For bigger twists, I find I tend to get them coming to me when I've been doing more reading and generally getting a better sense of how other people construct similar stories. (And then I have a small freakout about whether I've accidentally plagiarised it from something I'd read/seen recently.)

I'm the opposite of Wildbow, the more im writing, the less i randomly thing of plots, when Im not writing, i get twists and characters and ideas every few minutes.

That said, my brain tends to move in big long leaps, someone will mention a band, I'll think of a time I was listening to that band with someone, they mentioned at that time that they were going on a date with so and so, who is the sister of the person who mentioned the band, and I'll ask how their sister is doing, if she's still dating such and such guy. So what SEEMS unrelated often isnt. (that was a simplified version. I've done a good dozen jumps in correlation to get to the next thing I actually THINK about, before)

I've had that happen! Where you get an idea and suddenly the end of a major plot arc resolves perfectly. I love when that happens.

Sometimes it's small things, sometimes it's big things. I like when stories can surprise you, even as the writer. :)

I've definitely had things like that happen. For example, I like to let my characters loose in my mind, playing out the story, so that I can then record it later and share it with everyone else. Unfortunately, that sometimes brings me to impasses. On the current story arc I'm working on, the consequences of my character's past actions and decisions within the arc were bringing them to a point where I was sure all or most of them would die horribly, especially my main character. Since I've written it in a deep perspective POV, where we're always with my main character, essentially that would be the end of the story. I sweated it a lot, trying to figure out how to get them out of what they'd gotten into, until I just threw my hands up and let them know that they had to figure their own way out of their predicament, and tried not to think about it for a while. Sure enough, a couple of weeks later it came to me. I don't really remember what I was doing at the time, and I think it came to me in dribs and drabs until it was a complete idea, but it finally came to me. I can't tell you how relieved I was! So, at any rate, just a story to show you that you're not alone...


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I think this is one of the great joys of being more of a discovery writer, because you lay down a lot of pieces on the board that you sometimes don't quite know how you're going to play, but then you get to a critical point and a plotline or character you established a while ago is suddenly in the right place at the right time. Best feeling. :) It happens with more planned stories too, but I think it's more satisfying with webfic because in a planned story you can go back and add in the plots you realise you need later, but with webfic (if you're a pantser like me...) there's a big element of serendipity. It's great fun!