I know a few people will be aghast at the mere idea that there are MORE social thingummywhatsits to wrap their heads around, but...

Anyone on Plurk??

Link to me on Plurk

*gasps aghastly* another one? lol.

will have to wait for the new month when i have more data available :(( but i shall stop by...

What the hell is a Plurk?

[Pause for Wiki]

Seriously, who names these things?!

Huh... I actually like one! Way more than Twitter, anyway. *happily signs up*

Scribbler, it's starting to win me over too. ARGHHHH! So many social media options!

Feel free to add your link :)

I love that I can use it to update Twitter and Facebook and stuff. I really can't stand the interface for those sites, so I haven't been using them; but now I can at least update people who DO prefer those sites from Plurk, and not have to tear my hair out.