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The use of Silver Charm Bracelet has its history that dates back during the Neolithic Era where hunters carry interesting figures and stones which they believe would bring good luck. Pharoes during the Egyptian Era are buried with precious gold and silver jewelleries. The first use of charms as a symbol of one's life was in Rome, during that time, Christians were fearful of their beliefs and carried small fish charms that would be recognized by fellow Christians.

The role of charms have changed over the past decades, some made charms to ward off evil and later became aesthetic in purpose. Charm bracelets became a sign of wealth and were used by noble classes during Queen Victoria's Reign. It became symbols of emotions and good memories when soldiers who came from battle would bring home small figurines from places they come from and would give as a present to their loved ones. And since it signifies good memories that they like to carry it with them all the time. Because of this, charm bracelets became popular to girls in different ages. It became a popular gift for birthdays, engagements and weddings. As a result, girls or women would try and collect different charms that would express how they feel. Charm bracelets became popular all over the world and everyone; young and old would want one.

It is one of the best gifts a mother could give to her daughter during her 16th or even 18th birthday. The daughter would then collect charms of her own that signify good memories in her life. Once kept will is a good heirloom passed on to the next generations of children to come. Silver Charm Bracelet come in different chain designs and filigrees. It also comes with different lengths that can also be customized upon requests. Choose Silver Charm Bracelets that are lead free, you can choose a wide variety of Silver Charms and matching bracelets in the internet. Make sure that these are 100% Silver as well.