Possible Tuesday Night Guest Posts

The Details:

This looks like a lot of fun! I'm interested.

I've just got one question. Would the guest post be a new standalone story from the world of our serial, or something else? I'm not 100% sure what the guest post is supposed to be.

Would it have to be completely new? I ask because I have a lot of material available, but much it's been published before.

I wouldn't say it needs to be new, though having been on both sides of guest posts the best migration numbers usually come from stuff that best fits the situation, rather than a first chapter or a generic "check it out" post. I'd say you're best off with anything that you feel puts your best foot forward and hopefully makes people want to read more of your stuff. Blog, short story, whatever makes a good first impression.

Corpies is ending so soon? Damn it.

I already hopped on the April Fools reader spreading train last year with Corpies, but if you'll have me again I'd be interested.

Cool. I'd be interested--though I'd probably do a blog post as it would be easier than a story.

This's precisely up my alley. I understand if my lack of posts is a problem, but I'd just love to throw my hat in the ring for this. In the future I was planning on doing a thread similar to this one, but asking if anyone would be interested in doing tie ins or guest chapters on my serial. Since you said you were doing a case by case basis, you should take a look at my sig link, because this is what my serial is kind of built for. Not that it needs to tie in to your work, that can be extremely disruptive. Just have a look.

Like I said though, I'm fine with a reject, but I'd be excited to participate.

I'm interested! I couldn't do the April fools exchange this time around because March would have been a bad time for me (publication of 2 books in April), but this is something I could work on now. How many words would be a good fit?

I also would like to participate.Guest posts are a great idea. I'll have to do something similar soon as well.

I've only been around for a few months, but my serial is well over 100,000 words now. My story is dark fantasy story about goblins, but if I were to do this I would probably want to write an original short story in your universe.

That way I could post it on my site as well and link back to you.

I'm definitely interested! Antlers' intermission chapters are all standalone short stories of 1000-3000 words so I could potentially use one of those, if that's the length you're looking for.

Sure, I can probably put something together. I'm already fond of little stand-alone stories within the From Winter's Ashes universe. :3

I'd be interested, though I will admit to being sort of ignorant of your projects Drew, so if you'd rather have the spot going to a fan or someone you know better, I would understand. The Solstice War is a historical military fantasy set in a WW2-inspired universe. It's been running for two years now and has 52 multi-part chapters (and one 14-part side-story). I'm pretty sure I've hit well over a million words by now.

I can write a stand-alone short. I've had some ideas kicking around I haven't had a place to implement.

Like others, I'll agree this does sound interesting and fun. Though as Dennis said above, I'm also not really familiar with your work, plus unlike some others I already signed onto the "April Fool" thing... so if there's no fit here, that's fine too. Granted, depending on the timelines, I'd have some time to research in February (the way I did for last year's "Fool"). And I'd likely be aiming for newish material, depending on whether 'time travel', 'multiverse station' or 'personified math' is any sort of fit.

Sorry for the whiplash, but I'd like to withdraw my hat from the ring.


Thanks for the input everyone! Looks like there's at least enough interest to pull off the idea. I should probably make a Google Doc or something to track those who are interested, so I'm off to go get started on that.

Cheers! Anathema has been running over 1.5 years (nearing 500K words) and I'm familiar with at least some of your work. Might do an Anathema-Corpies crossover or something equally fun.

I'm interested in this, but I haven't been posting for a year and I'm not really familiar with your work. Maybe I could join at a later date or something?

Alright folks, the sign-up sheet is created. For those who are still interested, please sign up here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HWDrjh9ZL3xoAw8eqeGRnUsBm9rWak849Ht8PBtjsXY/edit?usp=sharing so I can see if we've got enough people to make this thing come together.

Hey Drew, I decided it would be one of two already edited interludes. You could choose between them, if you like.

Vacation threw me off a little time-wise, but I have finally put together a schedule for the guest posts. Since there were a couple more volunteers than slots, I weighted it toward the folks who had accumulated a solid backlog for new readers and were updating their stories (none were abandoned but a few were in between). Earliest spots went to the folks who said they had something prepared, to give the rest more time to put things together. Please get the post to me at least three days before your scheduled date so I can have them loaded into the site properly. If anyone has an issue with the date they were given, just let me know and I can move things around as needed.

My e-mail for all of this is [email protected] And without further ado, here's the schedule:

Date Author Serial

3/8/2016 Chysalis Anathema

3/15/2015 Billy Higgins Perry A Bad Idea

3/22/2016 Marn Antlers, Colorado

3/29/2016 Jim Zoetwey The Legion of Nothing

4/5/2016 Dennis N. Santana The Solstice War

4/12/2016 Scott/ClearMadness The Iron Teeth

4/19/2016 Syphax Stone Burners