Prime Mover Review By Fiona Gregory

First of all, Thank you Fiona Gregory for the review.

You said: "This story didn't grab me, but it appears to be quite cleanly written and well thought out."

I was wondering a few things. Did you only read the first chapter, or have you read all six? Also, can you expound on why it didn't grab you?

Thank you for the positive aspects, I appreciate it.

Hi Illogic, sorry for the super short review.

Sometimes it's hard to put my finger on why a particular story doesn't grab me. As I recall I only skimmed the first two chapters. That I started skimming so soon told me the story wasn't grabbing me right off the bat as they sometimes do. But I didn't see anything in particular wrong with it, like run on sentences or too much telling instead of showing or anything like that. It might have just been my mood. So it was meant as a neutral sort of comment hopefully inspiring someone else to write more.

Since you asked, when I have time I'll take another look at the story and try to provide some more helpful feedback. In the meantime I encourage anyone who's reading Prime Mover to write a nice detailed review for him!

I appreciate your candidness and honestly about possibly just skimming it because of your mood, I get that. I caught myself doing that a few times when I was reviewing other stories. I decided that if I was skimming, I'd just stop and not review until I had a chance to give it an honest good read. Sometimes tho, there are stories that just don't grab you, and I get that too.

Hopefully if you do give it a second chance it will take hold of you. I would appreciate any and all helpful feedback. I prefer blunt honesty mind you, don't sugar coat it or try to "protect my feelings" either. I have a very thick skin.

Thanks again.