Print Rights Sold for Flight of the Godkin Griffin

I just signed a contract with a small press for the print rights to my first serial, Flight of the Godkin Griffin. Flight was my first go at crowdfunding back in 2004, back when putting an entire novel up for tips was considered bad business. I'm glad I put it up now!

You can read the details here:

Just remember... just because you're not being paid now doesn't mean you won't be later! :)

Congratulations! That is awesome.

Congratulations. I hope it's the first of many for you.

Wow! How awesome! Congrats!

Congrats! If you don't mind me asking, did they find you or did you submit to them?

Oh I cheerfully went to them and pitched it, and then mailed them the manuscript. I am not shy! >.>

Very awesome! Congrats (just like everyone else said).

Congratulations! I hope it sells well.

If it isn't too much info to ask, are you getting an advance, or just straight royalties, or...? Were things complicated by the fact that you had posted this all online at one point?

It is not too much to ask! Yes, I am getting an adavance, and no, things were not complicated by it being posted online at all. The press realizes (correctly) that there's an entire other market segment the online serial hasn't reached, and that's the one they serve, so. :)

Wow. That's amazing, really. I'm so glad to hear that someone's finally waking up and realize they can't ignore that the face of publishing is changing.