Private Chat or Messaging

It would be handy to have a way to message other members like some other forums have.


You don't like our tradition of starting a thread to shriek for attention from that person you're desperately trying to talk to? You're no fun. :P

Honestly, this would be really great. I have done several interviews and the people I did the interviews with had to post their email addresses on the forum. I don't like the idea that any person on the internet could just... look that up and do what random internet people do. The problem would be that it would be hard to implement and Chris is basically just a volunteer. Seriously, he does site maintenance, administration, coding... we need to find him a helper.

A number of us keep in contact using an IRC channel. Something similar could be set up for WFG but it would require people to have it running in the background to be useful.

Even beyond the implementation, there would be new administrative headaches, like potentially needing to block people who message certain things, or dealing with harassment. (There's always someone out there who could abuse such a system, one hopes unintentionally.) I don't think an email address would necessarily need to be posted here though... most authors are keen for feedback, and thus would have some sort of link to email or social media on the site of their actual serial.

@mathtans - Pretty much. Does anyone here NOT have some kind of email on their serial?