Private Messaging

Personally, I think that no forum ever feels complete without a PM system. Maybe that's just me but still. So I'd like to take this chance to see how many people would like to have PMs integrated into the site. Maybe if we get enough people we can strong-arm Chris into making this a reality.

I'm with you; private messaging is a key feature to have.

It does seem like an odd oversight on the part of the bbpress crew. Then again, I'm fairly sure that it's still in prerelease, or they only just released the first version or something similar, so maybe it's something they'll implement in a future release...

Or maybe we could strongarm Chris into doing it for them.

Uh, no. :-P

I don't think we'll be implementing anything major like that until bbPress goes 1.0. Stuff tends to break during upgrades of prerelease software, so the fewer plugins we have, the happier I am.

Damn... Shot down again...

You could always put your email address in your siggy, or just have it somewhere obvious on your site (as this is where clicking your avatar takes you...).


I'm going through headaches with PMing on my site. The Drupal team is taking its time upgrading the PM module to 6.x. Who do they think they are, volunteers? Oh wait...

Aaah, the pains of working with software that is in constant flux...

This is why I stubbornly ran phpBB 2.0 for years without upgrading a single time.

Same here. I'm still running phpBB 2.0. I really should upgrade to 3.0; but then I'll have to actually fix all of my plugins and homebrew goodness.

Make sure you want to do it before you do... I lost a lot of functionality switching to 3.X in the form of [MOD simply doesn't exist for 3.0].

While we're on the topic of missing features, here's one I'd like to see... Automatic subscription (favouriting) of threads you post to.

Ah well...

PS. Yes, I'm lazy, but I do check my email!

Spotty, are you down on RSS? Because I find that the "Recent Posts" feed does wonders for my needs, which I would describe as the same as yours.

There's a general RSS feed for everything here: feed://

There's also a topic-specific feed just above the reply box.

Hopefully one of those two will meet your needs.

I have the same problem with thread-specific feeds as I do with favouriting, ie, having to click the link on every one I want to follow. Maybe I'm just being lazy, but I'm a very forgetful guy too :P

The general RSS feed though, hmmm... Maybe, thanks for pointing that out Chris.