Probably a dumb question, but....

How do you make it so when you send out a new post on, you send just a snippet to your followers and not the whole post?

To only reveal a snippet to your e-mail subscribers, you will need to put a "Read More" tag in the post. They'll see what's above the line and have to click the link to see the rest.

Doing that will also cause your site to behave the same way (snippets + read more instead of a full feed).

If you're in WordPress, there's an option in the menu above your post (looks like two rectangles separated by a dashed line). Appears in the HTML as <!--more-->. If you actually want some sort of message, you can alter it to be <!--more CLICK FOR MORE PATHOS-->. I cannot guarantee that will work outside WordPress, because if memory serves, <!-- --> is actually the HTML equivalent of "commenting out" code; I'm not sure how WP interprets it. (But maybe it works elsewhere?)

That said, AFAIK, what I'm saying only truncates the POST, and how it appears on the main site itself (forcing someone to click into the individual post, rather than scroll on the main page). Not what K-Fish is saying regarding e-mail subscribers. I thought email people always got the whole thing... unless I'm way off base and subscribers only DO get a snippet, which is very sad, because I was treating email as separate views from the 6 or 7 I get on an update... :(

I think followers get the full post in the reader app, at least on If you're asking about RSS subscribers go into settings > reading > "For each article in feed, show" and click summary.

Apologies if I misunderstood and am complicating things.