Problem with RSS Feed

I emailed this question but didn't get a response. I don't know if I sent my question to the right place, so I'm posting here now. I was wondering if anyone else was having a similar problem?

My listing page for Eikasia ( doesn't seem to be updating its RSS feed. I was thinking this may have been because I updated the page approx. three weeks ago, but I'm not sure. I've been updating since July 16th and it hasn't shown this--which leaves me out of the recently updated feed that's on WFG's front page. Since my feed has stopped working, traffic from WFG has waned greatly. People browsing through see the last update as June 18th, and so I'm guessing they think the story has gone dead or is still in hiatus. I clicked on the feed link on the listing page and it works fine--it even displays my recent updates, so I don't understand why this doesn't show on the listing page itself.

Can anyone help with this?

Sorry I forgot to get to your email. It's fixed now.


Thanks Chris! :D

It seems the problem has returned. Three updates and nada...I think other users were having a similar problem not long ago?

I notice none of the new posts have the chapter marker. All your old ones did, and it is how we picked out which posts were story posts (as opposed to news and such). As all posts on that feed story posts?

Yep. This feed only displays story posts. I have a separate blog with a separate feed for news.

I'm going to tack this on here because it's basically the same problem: I submitted an update to Tapestry's listing 4 days ago and it shows as 'awaiting editor attention,' but I'd like to inquire what the turnaround time might be, or if there's a technical issue at work.

Edit: Though I meant to post this in a completely different thread, lucky me. The RSS feed also hasn't updated since last April, but that's a different issue since I'm switching to a new RSS feed.

I'm a bit behind, again. Will deal with a bunch of them this weekend. Sorry for the delay.

No worries! Thanks so much for letting me know, I appreciate it and all the work you put into this site for the community.