anyone else find plenty of time to procrastinate?

in the corporate world i have always been very task orientated - the motivator for others, the one who generally initiated projects and saw it through to the end, deadlines always met with time to spare...

however, i find myself now outside of that world with a dream-amount of time to write, yet i find myself drowning the garden regularly, putting my dog on a walking plan, volunteering for ridiculous projects - and yes, commenting freely on every forum or status update i can find :P

and now i find myself once again with no buffer and no time to write. it's not as though i haven't been able to write, it's just my days and hours seem to leak away like the water in a really bad toilet..

i know exactly what i should do, but why only now when i hit the panic meter?

am i alone on this??

I'm right beside you! I need to get my act together like yesterday!

I laying the blame on the time of year and the planets - I am sure Ryan does too ;D

Umm, nope, I'm at the other end of the spectrum at the moment. The 'ZOMG so much to do and I'll write on the train on the way to work if I can keep my eyes open long enough' end... :-D

But if I EVER get back to your end, I'll let you know!

Do you think maybe your brain's on holiday mode? Not enough stuff happening to keep it in the creative zone?

Procrastination? That's exactly why I'm here...

Even though writing is something I enjoy [well, unless it's something work or study related], I still find myself horrifically predisposed to putting things off. I sit down to write, turn on my computer, and suddenly decide that this would be the perfect time to embark on a six hour chase around my house for the last remaining chocolate biscuit.

It's even worse now that I have the internet. That Stumble button will be my distraction and my death. Maybe I should higher some kind of Heavy Duty Muse- probably someone fairly burly and holding a bullwhip- to sit me down and keep me focused. But then I-

-Oh, look. Something shiny...

It's easier when I had deadlines. When I have a big, open future, it's easy to lose track of the goal at hand.

Well, I guess I do have one HUGE ever moving deadline. I kind of want to beat that one.

I go through binge and barren phases. I tend to get tons of work done all at once, burn myself, then procrastinate for a week or two. I'm getting better at balancing things and not hitting those extremes, though.

I've just been working for about 10 hours on my series. I wish I had time to waste! Self-imposed deadlines are the only way to keep things organised, though, or else I'd be rewriting forever.

I'm pretty bad about procrastination... sometimes. When I get my work area set up just how I like it, I can sit down to work, if the only place I have to write is the kitchen table, we go on hiatus (as I have for the past few months).

Oh yeah, and by the way: I'm back, everybody! Hi!