Project Wonderful

I've been playing with Project Wonderful, but I admit I find it kind of hard to figure out. Anyone have any tips for putting together a campaign that actually works? :)

I've given up on campaigns and am using only hand placed bids at the moment. I generally advertise on webcomics of the right genre and sweep through a couple of times a week looking for dead wood.

I occasionally use PW campaigns and they're quite successful for me. I usually bid for maximum 6 cents per region between U.S. and Canada from 8 am to 1 am. Between these hours you're wasting money if you're in NA.

I found it most efficient to advertise in the genres of webcomics and books and literature (and I actually also do games and entertainment as well).

Predominantly, I find skyscrapers and leader boards grabbing the most attention, but I've made all sized ads that are involved in the campaign. You might want to put a daily budget. I run mine at about 2 bucks a day for an entire week once a month, or depending on how much money I have from donations.

Is there anything else more specific you need help with?

Actually, tips on designing ads wouldn't go amiss, especially for those who feel they need to go text only over graphic ones.

Depending on how familiar you are with adobe photoshop (or any other similar type of program), you can design your own ads using artwork you either create directly in the program or from whatever you've drawn, etc. What seems to work best is colorful, eye-catching ads. I use my own artwork, and I tend to have some creepy looking advertisements. Lol. Curiosity is your friend in this case, so try to make something interesting looking. For sky scrapers and leader boards, I usually add a catch-phrase that make people want to click.

So far my weekly campaigns pull in about 300-400 people. Oh, and make sure you don't put a maximum amount of bids. Let it run its course. If you've got your budget set, there shouldn't be a problem.

Hope this helped.

I forgot to mention, if you want to go text, try -not- to use a white background. Make it a color that's eye-catching.