Promotion on DeviantART

I know, a bunch of losers calling themselves artists (Just kidding, there's at least SOME good stuff on there), but it's got such a large user base that it might be a good idea to put a few episodes up on it to gain some more readers. Thoughts? Criticisms? People calling me stupid?

I thought DA was all about the pictures. Isn't it all about the pictures?

The advantages are that people find your work, and DA has built-in networking to promote communication/interaction between artists and authors.

The disadvantages? Allow me to quote Sturgeon's law: "Ninety percent of everything is crap."

Maybe that sounds harsh, but for every one good piece of work, there's nine pieces of work that are amateurish, lazy, misguided or incompetent. DeviantArt is this in a nutshell. This not only makes it deceptively hard to get exposure through that community, but also puts your work and your comments sections at the mercy of that 90%.

Which isn't in any way meant to indicate that there aren't good artists there. I've interacted with a few. They're just the minority, in a very natural way.

To top it off, there's issues with dividing your readership. A group of 20 people in your story's comment section will generate more comments than two groups of 10 in two different areas. This hurts growth and the sub-community that forms around your work.

Ok thanks wildbow. And ubersoft, there is a little writing. Granted, its mostly fan fic but still.

I've been on DA for a long time. I have a lot of friends on there too who work in animation/comics and are amazing so there is good and bad, you just have to know who to avoid.

Having that said I get some traffic from there because I have an established list of people who follow me, but this is after years of posting random stuff (and a five year haitus) and also I draw mostly. I don't know how it is if it's just fiction?

This is my DA account, like you guys need to see it but...

In the end I'd only recommend it if you have visuals to post.

I have DA traffic mostly from pictures related to the serial. Most of this is at time of posting, I believe. Occasionally I will get a few random lands on the serial through an image (because my images are fairy-tale oriented there are still some keyword searches that result in views.) When it came to posting the text, the first installment garnered pretty few views compared to other stuff.

I've talked about traffic patterns a bit at [For reference I'm at .]

Also IMHO DA is on a decline amongst most of the artists/creators, although it's still fairly popular among comic book artists (who came very late to DA) and for fanart and stuff. I had a pretty good run with DA a few years ago, but now everyone I watch (art-wise) is on Tumblr.

Still - there are a few folks who only interact with me on DA, so I still post major news on my journals.

As a follow-up: Devart at least does a good job with giving you an idea of your statistical performance. This is what I have access to as a part of deviantart.

_Statistics on deviations posted the last six months (oldest to newest)_

Where the Dinosaurs Roam [Photo]

5 Comments, 6 Favorites, 86 Views

Panoramics - Sunset at Haleakala [Photo]

3 Comments, 10 Favorites, 57 Views

Panoramics - Road from Hana[Photo]

4 Comments, 2 Favorites, 71 Views

Part 1, Tales of the Big Bad Wolf, Red Riding Hood [Literature]

0 Comments, 1 Favorite, 61 Views

Magritte meets Orchids [Photo]

3 Comments, 6 Favorites, 71 Views

Under canopy [Photo]

0 Comments, 2 Favorites, 48 Views

Team Mizusawa [Illustration]

12 Comments, 7 Favorites, 168 Views

Dance With Me[Illustration]

32 Comments, 86 Favorites, 318 Views

Lightning FFXIII-2[Illustration]

8 Comments, 17 Favorites, 83 Views

_Summary Stats_

The other thing that's nice to see is info on all deviations over time. To me as an artist, Deviantart's strength is in the long tail. People continue to search for items years after I've posted drawings. (The below info is a summary of nine years. Again, I havea moderate presence compared to others as i post maybe one to two times a month if I'm lucky.)

s-girl has 96,302 pageviews total and their 229 deviations were viewed 318,660 times. S-girl watches 842 people, while 570 people watch s-girl.

Overall, their deviations received 5,408 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 9,157 times, while s-girl commented 11,242 times, making about 3.39 comments per day since joining deviantART. This means that s-girl gave 21 comments for every 10 received.

The deviation with the most comments is Roy Mustang - Full Metal with 150 comments, and it is also the most favourited, with 739 favourites. The most viewed deviation is Sleeping Beauty with 17,917 views.

17 favourites were given for every 10 comments.

Every 14.4 days s-girl uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Sunday, when 79 (34%) of deviations were submitted.

The busiest month was May 2010 when 8 (3%) deviations were submitted.

The majority of deviations are submitted to the fanart gallery (103), while the favourite category was illustrations > storybook with 34 deviations.

Comments per deviation: 23

Favourites per deviation: 39

Views per deviation: 1,391

Comments per day: 1.63

Favourites per day: 2.76

Deviation views per day: 96

Pageviews per day: 29

There is a lot of writing on DA as well. I was in a contenst last year that was a flash fiction contest (the books should be out for it soon.) and they just did a sequel to it with Clive Barker as the judge. Most of it is fan fic, or very early juvenile fiction, but there are people who are doing full serials there, and lots of writers groups.

Clive Barker is great to have onsite but his presence there has been reflecting his art as well as his writing. I find it interesting that they recruited him but think they need far more writers to make any impact and far more "readers."

In general, it's not bad to have some presence on DA but unless you pour in a lot of time into developing connections across DA, it's going to be a tough road to getting and keeping watchers. I've never understood the fanfic posting at DA unless it was simply part of a crossposting strategy. I see much better uptake of fandom prose on (and a few other sites appear to be emerging) as well as on Tumblr.

DA has terrible tagging and, for years, had a problematic search engine. I think discovery is flawed on DA. I think "groups" are a good way towards addressing the trend towards invisibility on DA, but I think it's not going to work well except for fandom.

I think you may get better exposure via other platforms with less effort.