Promotional Badges

Ok, so as a part of setting up Wibbly, I went and bought a badge machine - both to make general geekery badges (which are fun to design) and as ones specific to WP serials for promotion and sale etc.

At a relatively-recent con, we had a dry run of badges and we were one of the three stalls that sold out - badges sell really well, especially if they are reasonably priced and have catchy artwork/wording.

I know some people do badges through Cafepress etc, but I'd like to throw my services into the ring.

The badges are the 1.5" size, so not too big, but not too tiny.

(There's no minimum number of times a design must be used - you could order 20 and have 15 different designs, or order 100 and only have 5 designs, it's up to you).

(Prices in Australian Dollars)

1-20 - $1.20/ea

21-100 - $1.10/ea

101+ - $1/ea

This doesn't include shipping, but I can easily get a quote to you.

If you're interested, drop me a line at [email protected]