Question about reviews.

Forgive me for not knowing but with the reviews how many chapters/words/far into the serial do you go till you ask for a review. My serial ( ) so far is only on its 5th "chapter" so I can understand knowing thats too short but at 15 chapters? 30 chapters? midway through the book?

I've seen someone request a review at only five or six chapters and no one complained. I would say at least get your first "arc" out, so people can get an solid introduction of the core concepts and characters of your serial, but if you've got enough meat in the first few chapters of your work for people to chew on, I wouldn't imagine there'd be a problem for an early review.

But can you get a review done even before your novel passes submission? I have just done that and am wondering if I should wait until approval before this step.

The Red Lands

Well, if you want a review to be up there on the reviews list, you'll probably have to wait for it to pass submission. You can't post a review of an unlisted story.

But if all you're asking for is forum feedback, well, that can be done any time with any work.

I did, however, receive some great feedback on writing style and structure that changed the way I think about things going forward.