Question Mark

"How's it work?" I asked.

"Your gun? You should really know that before you start pointing it at people."

"Not my gun, silly," I smiled as innocently as I could. "Your power."

Question mark after power? I thought not, then reread it and thought yeah, then went to edit it and decided no, and now I'm confused.

Nope. It's not another question. It's a statement to rephrase part of what WAS a question. You're good with a period.

Depends on the tone of the question. If it's inviting an answer, suggesting a back-and-forth interplay between the characters, then a question mark would be good. If it's demanding or urging an answer, more of a power play, a statement works.

Thanks, Tartra.

That could be why I just read it both ways, Wildbow.

I'm gonna leave it as is. Thank you.