Questions about moving website

I'm moving my story to a different website, and also a different platform (Wordpress -> Drupal).

Now, this creates issues, namely with importing. Now, beyond just moving to Drupal, I've also restructured the layout of the site, the news goes into my blog, and there's two seperate books, one for the main story, and one for any bonus stories I write.

Now, as I see it, I have two options here:

  1. I manually put in all the chapters (there's only some 25 of them, it'll only take an afternoon). This'll work perfectly, but I'll lose my comments.

  2. I can spend however long trying to write an import script that will read the XML dump of the WordPress site and import everything nicely. I've had a search around, and all the premade things are done for Drupal 5, or even Drupal 4, I can't see anything for Drupal 6, and the way I've structured the new site, I don't think a premade solution would work nicely anyway.

So, anyone have any advice? Are comments that important to spend the extra time?

If you go the second route, you should consider just dealing with the WordPress tables directly. Export the relevant tables (wp_posts, wp_postmeta, wp_comments) and import them into the same database as an installation of Drupal. Then write your import script to loop through the relevant tables, and insert / convert the data to something appropriate to Drupal and insert it into the appropriate tables.

That's how I handled the importation of pages from Muse's Success Word Press Version to the current non-WP Muse's Success. It worked fine and was much easier in my opinion then dealing with the export file. Of course, don't perform the import on your live site. Do it on a test install of Drupal and then export/import the data once you know the conversion went well.

Good luck!

Install it as Drupal 5, retrieving all your comments, then upgrade your install to 6.

Hey Chris,

I don't have access to the tables, although I suppose I could install WP somewhere and import it and go via that... That's the long way around though.


The problem with that solution is I already have the site installed and setup in Drupal 6. I suppose I could setup a seperate Drupal 5 install, do all that, then copy the data across, but that creates issues with node id's, etc... :(

If you like, you can send the export file to me, and I'll send back the resulting WordPress tables. I'll be checking back every few hours, so it won't take too long.

Edit: Opps, I thought the BBPress profile would have my email shown publicly. It's [email protected]

Thanks for the offer, I've got it sorted out now though. Or rather, I know what I'm going to do anyway, and I'm past here.

OK. That's good. :)