Questions about Submissions

So I submitted my story to Web Fiction Guide last week, I believe, and am currently waiting nervously for someone to approve it. Is there anyone who can tell me how long the wait is normally?

Also, I wonder: on Muse's Success, is an author allowed to submit their own work? I tried emailing them last week, but haven't heard back from them.

Pretty sure the wait is usually about four or five weeks? My advice would be to review some other people's stories while you're waiting, or maybe even try to forget about WFG for a lil while. Nothing worse than anxiously obsessing about getting your serial accepted. Trust me -- personal experience.

Also, tip: when you're linking to your serial, it's generally best to link to the first chapter. If someone clicks on the link to your serial, they want to start reading it immediately. (I actually hadn't done this for my new serial, so thanks for inadvertently reminding me!)

Ok, thanks for the info! I actually usually link to the home page or the table of contents. Is that also alright?

I think 3 weeks is the official window that they shoot for here. And you can submit your own work to Muses Success, or at least they've had no objections when the last dozen or so authors did so ^_^

The general idea is that you want their to be as few roadblocks between the person who wants to read your story and the story itself. You know -- every extra click required to get to the story is a chance for a person to say, "You know, I don't care enough to read this serial."

That said, it's your serial so like yeah it's totally fine if you don't. I, for instance, didn't link to the first page of my new serial. There were potentially boring reasons for that decision -- my wordpress theme only allowed people to see the header image if you were on the home page, so I stickied the first post on the front page, but that caused problems so I unstickied it and now some of the links I posted don't bring you immediately to the start of the serial -- but long story short it's just a rule of thumb to keep in mind.

I try to hold it to 3 weeks, but there's always a backlog and I'm always busy. Sometimes it slips a little longer. Lately, I've been doing fairly well.

Two things to expidite things:

1) make sure you've read and followed the submission guidelines, so I don't have to reject it when I do get to it;

2) every time you edit your submission, it goes to the back of the queue, so only edit it if you made a significant mistake.