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firstly I want to ask you a simple direct question: I'm experiencing a slight slowdown of the loading speed of my blog. I'm totally inexperienced as far as blogging or coding or any other technical matters, but I think that I've read in someplace (i think here) that it's 'heavier' for wordpress(.com) to load pages than posts. Apart from the news, all other things (chapters etc) are pages (nearing 90 pages with my private ones). Can this be the cause?

In the same spirit, is snapshots any useful or only annoying?

Now, to a more 'general' formating question. I've read here that having my chapters in posts is better than having them on pages. Apart from the feed, is there any other significant reason for that? (Because having to move all my pages as posts will be... let's say not pleasant)

And lastly a request. Can someone tell me if my site is 'well set up'. Are the things in there accessible? Suggestions to make it better?


The front page of my blog can be found in my signature as 'Rebirth in Darkness'

Snapshots: I hate it. It bugs out in slower browsers and it's not -that- useful when it works.

Pages: the pages on your site load quickly for me... are you having problems with them specifically? Loads times shouldn't be too different, I think, based on my limited knowledge of how Wordpress software works. Of course, it's been a LONG time since I've used, so eh.

As for pages vs. posts, there are some other advantages to posts. One is that you have built-in forward/backward functionality. For a long time, I've been putting my stories into pages and hardcoding next/previous links ( ). Recently, upon noticing the benefits of posts, I began moving my content to them ( ). I don't know if this is important for you if you're on, as you're not editing your theme templates yourself.

The feed thing is important I think. There're some other benefits I'm not thinking of right now, I'm pretty sure.

ANYWAY. I don't have time to look through your site right now, but when I do I'll give you my opinion of how things are laid out.



Without doing some serious customization work, you won't be able to get good-looking, intuitive results with posts. Pages aren't slower, they just require more memory -- because WordPress keeps a mapping of every page name and loads the whole list on every request (in the routing data). Posts are looked up directly in the database. However, with only 90 pages, I doubt you'd be seeing any kind of slowdown because of it -- the amount of memory required to store 90 names is fairly inconsequential.

If you are seeing slowdowns, it could just be that is more heavily loaded than normal -- you are sharing your server with probably dozens (hundreds, thousands) of other blogs.



It's not that i have a problem loading my pages. i have a problem loading anything... it takes p.e. more than 20sec from when I press save to finish. It takes more than 30sec to load my dashboard. Everything stalls. And when i have to go back and forth various pages/dashboard/posts/etc to edit or just check things, it gets really annoying to have to wait 20sec to load each thing. And it's not a connection or browser problem (i think) because all other sites, even heavy sites full of pictures, load pretty fast.

Actually, I overstated things a bit. You can get good, intuitive results with posts in WordPress -- as long as you keep things simple. That said, I'm not sure how much access gives you for making the small modifications you'd need to do in order to make things nice.


thanks alot.

somehow seems faster to me now too...

heh! maybe wordpress obeys whine :D

Sounds like a fault of sharing hosting with lots of blogs, like Chris suggested. You probably can't do anything to make things load faster.

@Chris - I didn't know about that fact regarding pages... interesting! I came by some good info inadvertently. Thank you. enabled me via help to figure out how to create a static contents (home) page to which I could link posts -- aka chapters. I like it in the format I chose to use. Here's the url so you can see how it works.

Snapshots? I hate it too!

Despite the fact that I have a dire broadband connection I found your site easy to load.

I think the 'main stories' link is a bit lost on the page your link lands on. About you, news etc takes priority. If I find a story interesting I may want to know a little more about the author but I want to know about the story first. I would move that link up.

Next links would be good but not having them wouldn't put me off because you appear to have clear chapter links.

Your story looks interesting :)

Given the OP was made a year ago, and the site hasn't updated since April, I think the critique might be falling on death ears perhaps? XD

Unless people subscribed to this RSS feed and suddenly there are non-info posts.