Random news: Light novels and alt-Smashwords

1) New Smashwords alternative - takes Word files, gets into iBooks: https://www.draft2digital.com/

CUrrently in beta. A few of the early adopters on the PG blog said they paid a bit more but had less hassle. Mulling this, of course, since right now I'm editing an ebook in word.

2) CHromatic Press launches. http://chromaticpress.com/

It's not completely open for submissions but I did check with one of the cofounders. Details here: http://online-novel-blog.blogspot.com/2013/02/breaking-chromaticpress-launches-for.html

Ooh thanks for the links, SgL!

About Chromatic, they contacted me to submit but I can't right now. However they told me to forward the submission info to any interested parties. So if any of you guys want to submit just email me and I'll forward you the doc they sent. My address is whibbage at gmail dot com.