Random Plot Generator

Nothing productive here, just a fun little thing I found. Here's a website that'll come up with plot ideas for you, and a lot of them are... interesting. Try it out, and share any winners you get!

LINK: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=storygen

I got...

"The story is about a demonologist who has a crush on a fisherman. It starts in a school in a large city. The crux of the story involves a deception. The issues of faster-than-light-travel and its effects on business is a major element of the story."

"The story is about a promiscuous daycare employee who is haunted by a ghost. It starts on a fog-shrouded planet in a solar-system-spanning technocracy. An impending magical conflux plays an important role."

"This is a mystery tale. The story is about a complacent actor who tends to annoy demonic beings. It starts in a dying domain. The critical element of the story is a resignation. The difficulty of cross-species communications is a major issue of the story."

I don't think most writers' problems lie in generating a story idea... Mostly, it's having so many story ideas that you have to only pick one or two and make the rest feel left out, hahaha.

I didn't say they did. This was just for fun...

This is a party comedy. The story is about a smart astrologer who must work with a knight. It starts in a prison. The critical element of the story is an inheritance. The question 'is man alone in the universe' plays a major role.

I got this one, looked at it, wondered what sort of world setting might make this work, then laughed.

That tool is funny.

I love Seventh Sanctum. I usually go there when I'm tired of thinking and I want something fun to play around with for a while.

Chaotic Shinny http://www.chaoticshiny.com/ is another place that I like. Especially the Silly generator at the bottom.

But back to the plot generator. This is the winner I got.

"This is a coming-of-age tale with a strong theme of friendship and the dangers of self-expression. The story is about optimistic cyborgs. It starts on a storm-torn planet in a galaxy-spanning commonwealth. The crux of the story involves somebody breaking something important."

I have more ideas than I can write about, but this one made me laugh after the second sentence:

"This is an epic adventure with an emphasis on the need to face death. The story is about a guild of barbers. It starts in a small city in North America. The crux of the story involves someone writing a book. Tradition versus modernity plays a major part in this story."

Just FYI, I know the guy who runs that website (he's also the inventor of the game "Create That Anime"). There are tons of generators of all types on the site, if anyone hasn't gone there yet - see the menu at the top. Here's an index for characters: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/index-char.php In case you need a catboy or magical girl.

"This humorous magical girl's round eyes are the color of blueberries and her waist-length, curly, thick, black hair is worn in a bizarre style. She has an athletic build. She has animal powers that come from gloves. Her costume is red and gray in even proportions, and it is essentially a french maid's uniform."