A small suggestion for the listing page, a Randomise feature!! Either simply a random ordening of listings under the listings post, or a Random Listing button in the navigation bar that takes you to one random listing at once. The greatest treasures are often those you don't expect! Especially since most people browse / search for things they know they like (Fantasy fans only browsing through listings with the fantasy tag e.g.), and thus missing out on a lot.

On a sidenote, personally I find the font of the information on the listing page a little too small. For the review quotes it's fine, but I think that the update/rating/recommended status could use a tad larger font.

Oddly enough, I have been considering putting a few "random selections" on the home page. Haven't quite figured out where to fit them in yet -- of if there will be criteria for the selection -- but it's on my list.

It's a good point about the font size -- because I use Safari as my usual browser, and it has a sane minimum font size, I hadn't really noticed. However, I just loaded the page up in Camino and that font really is too small. I'll try to fix it tonight.

Would a "random search" button that says "Do you feel lucky?" be a copyright infringement? :-D

@srsuleski - I do hope not - I like that idea :D

The 'do you feel lucky' idea makes me smile. I hope we can pull off something like that, too. ^^

That's a great idea. I can see it becoming addictive...

"Randomize" or "get lucky"?

EDIT:Woops. I read that as, "I could see it becoming an adjective."

Go to bed, Alex.

A random listing button on the top bar would be a great feature, I was surprised to learn a few months ago just how many people use them on other sites (a lot!). I reckon it might catch on.



That is a cool idea. Sort of a "StumpleUpon" but for web fiction.

...I would love a browser toolbar that was Stumble, but just for fiction, come to think of it. Or just for "stories", in that it might give me short films too. What a fun idea. I need to kidnap some programmers.

Points to XKCD.


Hi Janoda,

Just increased the font size a bit on the listing information. Let me know if it helps.


I went ahead and created a random web fiction thing.


Just bookmark the above URL and each time you click it, you'll be taken to a random story.


@chrisclarke - That's a nifty little link Chris :D

Not to be outdone, I've added the functionality to WFG. ;-) You can find a "jump to a random listing" link on the home page in the "Welcome!" section. Additionally, on each listing index, you will find a little "airplane" icon beside the paging controls -- it will jump to a random listing within the current tag or whole collection (depending on context).


Oh, and you can link to it like this:






I like how your implementation of randomness can be made genre specific. :)

"Initiate random Web Fiction jump."

"But sir, we could end up anywhere! Even in the heart of a Negative Grammar Storm."

"Dammit man, we don't have a choice! Now follow my orders! JUMP!"

[*Vanishes in a flash of light*]

Chris: Thanks. :-)

Reyben: Well, hopefully we will avoid Negative Grammar Storms. Listings need at least one editorial review at or above 2.5 stars to qualify for randomness.

And now, by popular demand (okay, by one demand), there's a random-jump link on all listings (beside the Next Listing button), so you can jump randomly all around. It'll be just like kindergarden again.