I don't know if you saw my message on Web Fiction Guide, but thank you SO MUCH for that amazing review you left for me. I would very much like to return the favor when I get finished with my various publishing projects over here and have time to sit down and read something fun for a change.

I agree with you in that amazing things are going on with the self publishing industry.

I'd love to put a banner for your work on my site, if you're agreeable. I have a couple of banners on there to help promote other writers, because I think we should support each other. If you're interested, go to my site and comment (anywhere, it doesn't matter. I'll get it.) and we'll talk about specs. No charge, of course, this is just me supporting someone who has supported me. :-)

Anyways, thanks again!

Regina Shelley

The Five Dollar Mail

It's my pleasure! I honestly enjoyed it and I'm glad you appreciated the review so much. I'll make a comment on the site shortly, and thank you for the support!