rate my site design

Come One Come All to check out my webserial's layout and suchlike and offer advice, complaints, and other such constructive criticisms as you see fit regarding the layout, color scheme, general readabillity and usabillity of the site, etc.

Thanks in advance. Feel free to leave any comments either here or at the forum on the site.

P.S. why yes, Widget does have a problem whereby she uses compulsive CSS coding as a way to procrastinate actually writing anything.

P.P.S. my site is a free site hosted on wikidot.com, which is an awesome site provider if you can handle a little bit of coding. If you know any CSS at all it becomes massively awesome, and I wholly recommend it to anyone looking for a free site provider/hosting service/etc.

P.P.P.S. posted under writting>>general chat because as far as I can tell that's where things like this end up, if I'm wrong please tell/reprimand/move/delete me as required.

Hi, you of the mobile widgets (it sounds like a small tribe of creatures. Probably because it's late and I'm lacking sleep.)

I checked out your site and had a rummage. It's actually quite nice, smooth and comfortable. I guess the only concern I could come up with was the graphics, and the bigger type fonts on the front page. Combined, it all gets rather busy and almost cluttered. (I might suggest playing with smaller type fonts for things. The graphics are strong. The type can afford to be a little more gentle).

That's about all I have, with what you've done so far. I look forward to seeing what you write, though!

Also, I'd never heard of this Wikidot wossname, and have been staring at it all night and thinking. I'm increasingly grumpy using Wordpress for my own site, because it DOES have limitations. On the other hand, my computer knowledge stopped advancing once we all moved past HTML, so CSS is right out for me. And I'm aware that I'm accepting limitations in exchange for ease-of-updating (in wordpress) because my days already don't have enough hours in 'em as it is.

I am rather on a tangent now. Back to the point. Smooth site. Works for me, except for my one point!

@Peedee Wikidot is very very awesome (and you don't need to know CSS to get a cool theme, there are a couple wikisites dedicated to them :P). If you ever decide to poke around with one and have any questions feel free to hit me up. Most of what I know was learned by trial and error, but I do love to share ^^

As for your one concern, if it's not too much trouble could I bother you to clarify which part of the home page fonts is uncomfortable? The site title at the top, the page title (underlined, top of the white bit under the topbar links), the sidebar text, the bit in the green box, the links to my test posts, or the actual body type (lorem ipsum etc.) or all of the above? Also is it the font size, font type, or both that you object to? (personally, i like teh impact :P).

Thanks again for your time!

Hullo again. I may take you up on the offer you pester you with questions. One of these days.

As for the clarification, bear in mind that it's purely just my opinion and thus can be safely ignored if you want to. :) I quite like Impact too. The title of the site -- "Deep Fried Dragon - When Good Fairy Tales Go Bad"...that looks fine. And "A Rio Jones Webserial" looks allright, although it almost looks cut-off the underline (I wasn't positive it was a "J").

But those, combined with "Welcome to my web-site" "it's still under construction" "about" "warning" "test 2, 3, lorem ipsum" all of it almost adds up to too much big text on the page. If I had to make a metaphor, I'd say it almost feels like a newspaper frontpage fulla headlines.

It doesn't turn me off, confuse me, or send me away. But you asked for feedback, and that was the strongest point that came to mind. So what you do with it is, of course, entirely up to you. :)

Impact, used at a smaller point (12 perhaps) but done with spaces between the letters can be REALLY effective too, I've found. Just an early morning thought!


I poked around. The drop down menu for the About tab is kind of funky. You have to mouse over it just right to select an option, and I don't know if you can change this, but I think a light color for the text of the tabs would make them easier to read. They kind of blend in and disappear with the arrows/dragon tails(?). Overall, it looks pretty good, but it's hard to judge how good the design is for reading without a substantial block of text. Maybe you could throw up a bunch more lorem ipsum. I'd also add some padding around the edges to the text. They butt up right to the edge of the color background. You might want to just increase the width of the white background.

@sahunter May I ask which browser you are using, for code-monkeying purposes?

And also thank you very muchly ^^;

I know it's not cool, but I use IE7, and don't have firefox on my current computer to switch and compare.

It works well in Firefox and Chrome. Probably also in Safari (which uses the same rendering engine as Chrome). Checking IE7 showed that it's kind of wacky for me too. The text and background for the text is noticeably to the right of the line surrounding the menu.

My guess is that it's a cross browser CSS issue (as opposed to a javascript issue), but I haven't attempted to look at the code so I really don't know.

@sahunter and @jzoetewey

Thanks for your time and your answers. I figured it might have been IE, on account of IE hating me to death. I shall have to do some digging to find a way to fix it.

I like it (but I use Firefox). I wanna read it. Have you ever tried Brussels sprouts cut in half and roasted until crunchy and slightly burnt? I love 'em that way. Just had some for dinner a couple of hours ago, in fact.

I like it!

The "When good fairytales etc." line appears to be too close to the main Title. I'm using Firefox.

@Clare-Dragonfly, no I have not and no I will not if it has had anything to do with brussels sprouts then I shall avoid it unto death! :P And also thank you very muchly. As for it ever actually being written, lemme get back to youse on that... in a couple ten years or so. :: flees ::

@Miladysa, thank you very much for your time, and the subtitle is actually supposed to be behind the main title... Because I have very weird aesthetic taste (this is also why the sub-title is higher than the main title :P).

*cough cough quite like brussel sprouts cough cough*

... that is your right. If you wish to succumb to the ebil of the sprouts than no one can stop you. However, should you ever see the light and decide to leave behind this downward path of ebilness, we shall welcome you with welcome arms.

And chocolate.

Brussel sprouts are like mini cabbages and they are disgusting. That is all...

At any rate, you're site looks fine to me. I wish there was something more to read other than "test test test" but I'm assuming that you are working out the kinks on the website before posting anything. Your tag line sounds cool, I can't wait until you have it written/posted.

Did somebody mention chocolate? Because it sounds like somebody mentioned chocolate, but then there was all this talk of Brussel sprouts- and incidentally, combining them doesn't work nearly as well as you might think.

It's a good looking site, I like it- particularly the top-of-page pattern. Incidentally, half a page of "test test test test test" has a highly unnerving "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" quality to it. There's a little horror creeping in there somewhere, I'm sure of it.

@Reyben, chocolate is only available to those who have renounced the ebil of brussels sprouts. As for the creepitude of the test test test blocks, I am kind of sort of scared that that'll end up being the creepiest part of the site ^^;;

@Sorakainomori, thanks for taking a poke around the site! Sorry there's nothing interesting to look at right now, I kind of distract myself from doing anything productive by mucking about with my css, and then I decide to muck about some more... Hopefully once I get the site's kinks out I can get back to the fun part :P

*stomps off to eat his small cabbages all alone, in the dark and cold*

I admit I'm new here, and my fiction doesn't even debut until Friday, but I trust eating cabbages in the dark isn't a requirement?

That said, I'm jealous of those of you who CAN muck about with CSS. My mucking abilities stopped with HTML, so I find myself at the mercy of Wordpress these days.

Hello, by the way. I'll post more intelligently very soon, I promise :)

Honestly, unless you eat little cabbages in the dark, the muses will not come and sing sweetly in your ear. You'll want to write deep, meaningful science fiction about hunky marines who quite fancy each other, but...it'll just come out a vampire romance novel set in a castle with heaving bosoms and things.

It's the little cabbages. They're the secret of all the major authors. Ask Neil Gaiman and he'll deny it, of course.

And if I don't say these things, no one else will. I'm not afraid!