I've been thinking a lot about doing a reboot. The beginning of my serial has left me largely unsatisfied, which is kind of a recurring problem with me and the reason I started a serial in the first place was so I would stop deleting everything and starting over constantly, never making any lasting progress. Starting the serial really helped with that, with just a bit over 50k words written on schedule, one chapter rewritten.

But the weak beginning is kind of killing it, not to the point where it's dead but Knave is limping when it should be running full speed ahead. It's hard to build something on a weak foundation.

So what do you think guys? Have you done a reboot before? If so, how did your audience take it? Would it annoy you as a reader?

Edit: side note, to those who use Wordpress, how do you paste things from Word and have it not have it ruin spacing/formatting?

Whoops, ignore the side note, I've figured it out.

How did you figure it out?

I found a converter. Just copy and paste into this and everything's golden.

Im doing my best to strengthen my start.

As a reader, I wouldn't be annoyed with a reboot as long as there was fair warning, depending on how much changed.