Recent Unfriendliness

Hi all,

I want WFG to be a friendly place. Honest, yes, but friendly, too.

Things have not been that friendly here for the last few days.

When you post here, please watch your tone. If you are annoyed by a posting, and it's making you feel defensive or angry, maybe it's not the appropriate time to respond. Further, please refrain from lecturing people who don't agree with you. This is not the place for it.

Sometimes, the best thing to do when somebody says something you don't like, is to simply ignore it.

This forum has historically been a friendly, supportive place. Sure, we sometimes have our disagreements, but it has seldom turned to huffiness and vitriol like it has in the last few days. Can we all please just get back to the way it was?



P.S. If you want to discuss this further, you can email me at cpoirier at