Recent Updates Not Showing?

I've noticed that WFG's main page (where they show the top-rated stories that were recently updated) sometimes doesn't show when I update Eikasia--even after a few days. I've had this happen a few times. It didn't show my most recent update (2/21) at all in the rotation, even though, given the times other displayed stories had updated, it should have been included. My new posts are showing up in the feed that WFG is showing, so I'm confused. Am I no longer in the rotation? Isn't it for those stories with editor rating 4-stars and up?

Thanks in advance.

Your listing is the most reliable place to look. It's showing the two most recent updates on Feb 19 and Jan 4. If there were any in between, let me know and I'll have a look. However, if that is correct, then what likely happened is that when it was picked up, there were already enough newer items on the home page to push it off the list.

For what it's worth, I'll be redoing the RSS feed handling in the new site -- whenever that will be.


That's the thing, even my listing page is incorrect. The most recent updates were 2/21 and today (though I know the latter would take a lil time to show).

You are listed as updating once a week, so the software checks once a week. It will next check tonight.


Oh! Okay, thanks for clearing that up. It makes sense now. I didn't know it checked on a schedule, I thought it just updated with the feed.

So how do we: a) get the software to check us, b) change how often we're listed as updating? (I'm listed as updating #Addergoole "sporadically," which isn't remotely correct, though might have been when I first submitted the listing)


Hi Lyn,

If you listing isn't up-to-date, go to the submissions page (, select your existing listing from the list, update the information, and re-submit it.


P.S. Yours is one of the old listings that were done before the automated submissions process. If it doesn't show up in the list, just let me know and I'll associate the submission information with your account.

Hi, Chris,

I updated it, but it didn't seem to stick?



I don't see it in the queue. Click the Submit for Approval button -- and try it again if it doesn't show up as "awaiting editor approval". There have been some reports that it doesn't always submit it, though I've never been able to duplicate it.


I'm going to ask a question that maybe should already be assumed, but, "Do you have a RSS feed, and does it work?" As I remember Addergoule uses static pages, not a CMS. If no feed exists, then it won't update.

I think Linda got and processed the update last night, actually. And I just enabled the feed.

Jim - Yes, I have an RSS feed, and yes, it works. I'm clever like that.

Chris - thanks. :-)