Has anyone used reddit as a platform of sharing your web serial? In theory creating your own subreddit would be easier than making a website for someone like me who is bad with technology.

I've not done it myself, but a couple of big serials (e.g., and there used to be one for Ra though I can't seem to find it again) have subreddits of their own that are pretty active. I'm not sure with those works if the community or the reddit came first, though.

I post update links in various places on reddit but I've never heard of someone posting chapters there exclusively.

Self-promotion on Reddit is either frowned upon (or outright hated) or, in places where it's allowed, it just gets ignored.

The subreddits that are active (like for Worm) were started by fans, not the author. Anything that fans put on there is a gold mine. But if you do it yourself, chances are it will be ignored.

There was an excellent story called Blessed are the Simple that was exclusively on /r/hfy but that's the only one I know of.

Oh, that's interesting. I didn't know there was a story that was published exclusively on Reddit.

There is a few, but BATS is one of the biggest/most well known, and in my opinion the best.

/r/webfiction is where you want to go with. But it's definitely better to do something more interesting and creative than just a link to your webserial. Talk about it, write articles, supply more content than just a link to your work. Otherwise it'll usually get downvoted.