Regret character names?

How do you guys deal with it? The main characters in my story twins are named Mercy and Tiffany respectively, but I wonder if I should have with Grace for the latter. I feel like I missed an opportunity. My novel doesn't have a lot of readers, but chapters are published already. Should I just bite the bullet and commit?

Honestly if you don't have that many readers yet and you don't have that many chapters posted yet and you really want to change the name, just go ahead and change it now. That's an advantage of publishing online as you can make those changes if you want. I think if your readers like your story they'll forgive you for the taking a Mulligan early on.

@Sharkerbob - I don't have to. Honestly, I just want to know what name is better to use.

I do like the combo if Mercy and Grace, personally.

I kinda felt similarly, but I actually did like the name I had come up with for my main character. I ended up making a name change partway through the serial, but there was a point to it.

I tend to roll dice to determine names. After all... names are chosen by parents, not the characters themselves. So unless you really want to delve into said parents' personalities in the prepwork, you may as well just pick them randomly since everyone's names are effectively assigned to them randomly by outside forces.

I made the biggest changes between rewrites, but I've adjusted a couple of names since (I recently changed Celia to Caelia, for example).

If I need to make any major revisions, I'll just work it into the story. Half my characters have multiple names/identities, so it fits the narrative themes XD

Somewhat like TanaNari, I tend to not think too much about the names I give my characters, coming up with a combination of sounds off the top of my head that sounds about right. Surprisingly enough, this tends to work out really well and I've had people compliment me on the cohesiveness of my naming scheme, as if the characters come from the same fantasy country.

The exception to this is when characters choose names for themselves, such as the in-game names in my virtual reality game story. Those took me FOREVER to come up with. I can't write with placeholder names, either, so in the beginning I was stuck for about 3 weeks before I named the second player to show up in the story. I wanted the most generic male game name ever... It took me 3 weeks to come up with "Blade", hahaha. I'm happy with the name, so that's what's important :)

As I write, my characters become more "themselves" (and escape my control, running around and ruining my planned plot), growing more and more into their names, so I can't say I've ever had name regret.

Its fun making names up on the fly. I like to just throw some random syllables together and see what happens. I tend not to use said names in stories much but theyre good for fantasy character names or aliens.

I know the feeling. My main character in Juryokine is named Cassitoka, but he wants to be called "Toke" and I've regretted calling him that ever since, even if no one else has ever complained about it.

I think I figured it out guys. I'll make Tiffany a variation of the character's middle name.