Rejected why?

So, after some time away, i came back to WFG, only to find that my story had been rejected by the editor.

The only reason i got was"Thanks for submitting, but I don't believe this will find an audience here."

And i'm confused. WFG lists Fantasy, doesn't it? Modern day Fantasy as well. My story is a Fantasy with some light Game-lit elements.

Is it because the MC is non-human, or that he's a religious character?

An explanation would be awesome.

Hi L Nimbus,

I did some digging, was the submission titled, "The Minotaur Paladin" on RRL?


If that's the one, you have to make sure to provide a proper link to your first actual chapter.

If the link provided was to the main splash page for your story, that could lead to a rejection.

Also if you did link the first chapter of the fiction... The first chapter you have there is an 'author's note' or foreword. The link has to be to the very first chapter of the story, content-wise, not to something else.

That's the only technical bits I could mention that might lead to a rejection. There could be a host of other reasons; I don't know for sure.

As a former submissions team editor, I can also tell you that we tend to have three minimum standards for quality that can have a submission be denied. A minimum level of readability (Grammar, spelling, and syntax have to be at least moderately comprehensible) which, looking at the first chapter of the Minotaur Paladin, you seem to have covered pretty decently. Then, there's a minimum level of chapter navigation, which, as a Royalroadl listed story, you pretty much have automatically. And thirdly, the story has to be original and just baseline "Good" enough to be worth taking in. Again, yours seems to have that. Given that you seem to have passed all of our benchline standards (At least the ones that were in place back when I was working the submissions) it's hard to say exactly why you were denied entry. I do not mean to gainsay the editor here, as there are other potential reasons.

For example, if a story is on another site and has a large established fanbase before being submitted here, it may be denied for the justifiable reason that an author could bring their fanbase with them and flood WFG's rating system with reviews from essentially throwaway accounts, throwing our content comparison system out of whack. I'm not saying that's what has happened here, but it can be a concern from time to time. Alternatively, it is entirely possible that our editor genuinely does believe that your story does not match with the audience that WFG carries, although I find that a little odd, as many of your most recent reviews on that story seem to have come from WFG members.

If this is the story you were talking about, then yeah, I'm honestly kinda confused as to why it wouldn't be allowed in, barring the potential "too established on another platform" problem and the points SovereignofAshes made.

Rhythm's hit pretty much everything above. There was just one little thing I noticed last night that might be a hiccup with your submission, L Nimbus. I'll quickly mention it here in case it's part of the decision.

In your synopsis of TMP on Royal Road (if this is the submission you're talking about), you have the following paragraph:

"This is a semi Parody of the game Exiled Kingdoms. Several concepts and monsters are drawn from there. if you like this story, i reccomend checking it out. it's free to play on Android and available for full purchase on PC. It's an Offline RPG that i've poured many hours into, and helped me partially when writing this story."

Now, on Royal Road TMP is listed as original fiction, obviously. However, the wording you have in that paragraph can make it seem like a fan fiction or derivative fiction. You also kind of do an advertisement for Exiled Kingdoms in there. It's great that you're sharing your creative inspiration and want to share the exposure, don't get me wrong.

If you posted the blurb you have on RRL straight into the submission info, that might be why a member of the editorial staff was hesitant to allow this through. There have been other rejections recently that kind of came across as fan-fic whether or not they were.

As far as large established audiences go, TMP is pretty big on RRL. You've got a solid readership. I just don't know for sure if that's the main reason. WFG lets on game-lit stories, some fairly dark stories, and some religious-themed stories. I don't think it's the actual content that caused the rejection. I think more than anything, it was something technical. Of course, I could be totally wrong.

Thanks for the replies, guys. Yes, my submission was The Minotaur Paladin, just to clear that up.

To respond to SovereignofAshes, I originally thought of it as a fanfic, but the only properties in draws from EK is several monster in the first chapter, some slightly modified lore, and the MC's background. Aside from that, it's a unique fic.

My reader base is about 1400 followers, but i had no intentions of spamming TWF, at all.

I did also clear up my story with the Devs of EK, which is an indie RPG made for android and PC, it kinda inspired me to write TMP, and i gave credit where it was due.

As another reply, i linked the first page in the submission to TMP's Chapter 1. I added the Author's note chapter later, and used RRL system to re-arrange it so new readers would hit that first.

Not sure of the reasons (I'm not processing the queue any more). I'll ask.

Leigh had another look on Oct 20. It's posted now: