Require: Cookie, 2016 Updates and Announcements

I've posted an updates/announcements post ( - even if you're not a Cookie fan, it may be worth a read.

Included in here, I've announced my new week-daily content - so by May, we're going to have content five days a week, though only two days will be chapter updates.

The Question day has been running for three instalments now, and has had a good interaction rate; and we've just started our RP, with half a dozen people having created their character profiles.

Do you do content days that aren't chapters?

Regarding content days that aren't chapters - yup.

-"Time and Tied" actually has 16 commentary posts now, going into some of the major changes made between 2000 (first written) and 2015 (first posted), along with thoughts on character creation and plot points. I started by doing them every other week, but then cut it back to every 6-8 weeks. Been debating indexing them along with the story.

-"Epsilon Project" has occasional commentary, chiefly about site stats (to make other serial writers feel better) or the choices-not-taken by readers in the weekly vote (I got five votes last week, that was unusually high).

-"Taylor's Polynomials" tended to have breaks between arcs. Once I interviewed a character, but that's probably as creative as I got.

Regarding your updates:

That's cool that you've been polling your readership, and this "RP Scenario" is kind of fascinating - where did you get the idea? Seems like you'll be pretty busy in the coming months. Best with it!

I've considered doing commentary posts, but I always go off on tangents - they may eventually become my Sunday content. :)

Do you have a link to one of your Epsilon stat posts?

I got the idea through trial and error - we've tried running an ongoing/long-form RP before, but it got messy, splitting into a bunch of threads, with me doing multiple was just too much to manage. Doing the one-shots put more responsibility on the PC to explore, and I get to guide and react, rather than being needed everywhere at once. :)


It's from Nov 2014. I meander on about the writing and voting to start, feel free to scroll down to the sub header STATS.

Bonus, a T&T aside one year later when I talked stats:

Basically, Week 62 of my serial site was the worst ever. (6 views total) If only I'd known in 2014.

I tangent a bit in my commentary, but try to use headers to keep it organized. I can kinda see that, in terms of the threading mess; there's a reason I've never offered to GameMaster an RP session or PBEM. (I suppose I was a chief script coordinator back in University, not sure that counts.) Might be something to blog/comment about right there.

basically we all started talking about making a cookie tabletop rpg, and we tried doing a bit of basic , how would this go, with statted characters and a free role play system. I still say some variant of amber diceless might be the way to go.

I wish I had the time for extra content.

A Cookie RPG sounds awesome, though!

I feel like an RPG (like a big sourcebook RPG) is one of those things I'd love to spend a year writing, once I'm like ten or twelve books in.

In the meantime though, I have a WIP tabletop game I'm playing with: