Require: Cookie, the future and you!

So some of you would be aware of Require: Cookie, we've been around for a long time. :)

We're doing a relaunch/soft reboot in September, changing our name and branding to Ash and Blue.

Announcement 1:

Announcement 2:

The big thing in this is that alongside the text copy, we're also going to be doing a podcast version (to draw in a new demographic, among other reasons). We're going to have promo room in some episodes, so I thought I'd throw it open to the serial community.

If you can put together a 15-30 second promo (mp3/wav is fine), and email it over me at [email protected], I'll be happy to review it for inclusion and promo (with links in the show notes, of course).

RC/A&B is an urban fantasy serial, with a very geeky and diverse audience (our main protag is mentally ill, and most of our main cast is queer).

The only thing I would ask is that by sending through a promo, you promise that your work isn't sexist/racist/queerphobic, etc.

It's not going to be called Require:Cookie anymore?!

But Ash and Blue is a very cool name too :-)

All the best with the relaunch! Very heartfelt message you have there. Just wondering what your timelines are for the promo, since even though your relaunch is September, you probably want to have a good sense of things in advance. I ask because I'm interested (our audiences don't seem completely disjoint) but am a little swamped for the rest of the month (newborns tend to eat up free time and I have other projects to complete) and I'm still working out what August will look like.

@Fiona - We felt that with how major the rerelease is going to be, that it deserved new branding to help everyone keep it separated from the previous versions.

People are still probably going to call it Cookie though. :P

@mathtans - This is a fairly open call, and it's ongoing, so whenever you get a chance, send one over. :)

@Stormy - Thanks! I suppose my next question would be whether you, or someone else reading this, might have an example of what an audio serial promo would sound like. I'm not much for podcasts, tending to spend more time on YouTube. Would I just read a little summary of the plot in a booming announcer voice, or is there a better format to attempt?

I would think a few enticing chunks of dialogue, then a brief plot summary, and info on how to find it.

Update: For the moment, we're going to start with text/image promos - as seen at the bottom of the post here:

Samples are a good thing. I'd kinda decided to wait and see what the first one or two sounded like, hence my silence... devoted August to catching up on recap posts, preparing Time Travel Nexus articles and writing the "Epsilon" serial that continues on my site. Still keeping an eye on this thread though. Hope things are coming together for you.