Resubmitting a Rebooted Serial?

I'm rebooting my serial and I already got the old listing marked as inactive, etcetera. Would it be okay to submit a new entry under the old name or should I rename the serial? Or get it re-listed once it's up again?

Have you emailed the editors directly? You can probably get advice here, but they'll have the actual answers.

Does it make sense to keep the reviews and ratings you already have or start fresh? (how different is it going to be)?

It's more a fresh start kind of thing - it's going to be rather different. Same(ish) setting and characters, but completely different take on the story. The current reviews and ratings wouldn't apply, I think.

OK, then you do need to do a new submission and it needs to have a different name. If you really want to keep the same name, we can probably just rename the old one that will be archived - make a note of that in your resubmission.

We can accommodate the same name. Just the URL on our site will be different (the-bitter-drop-2 instead of the-bitter-drop).

Thank you! I'll be sure to make a note.