Review Exchange

I've noticed that there seems to be a bit of a review imbalance on the WFG, where some entries are drowning in reviews but others are struggling to attract any, and thereby aren't getting the attention they deserve.

So, I had the idea of setting up a review exchange where people can trade reviews between themselves on a 1 for 1 basis. If you want an exchange, just post here with your willingness to do one, along with your reading standards (RS) on a scale of 1-5 -- where 1 means you'll read anything regardless of problems (either with the story or the website) and 5 means something needs to be seriously impressive before you'll give it a good review.

If someone you want is available for review, ask them, and if they accept then your reviewing pact is forged. All reviews posted through the exchange are of course subject to WFG's normal review rules.

I'll hereby post myself up first, taking reviews at an RS of 4.5.



Great idea Ryan.

I have also noticed the imbalance and as a result I have held back posting a couple of reviews I had planned.

I am happy to put myself up and will give anything a go.

Reviewing my site - Refuge of Delayed Souls - in return is optional.

My reviews [so far] can be seen here:

What a fine suggestion, Ryan. Sure, I'm game. I dunno what my reviewing standards are, so I'll say 3. I'll read about anything, and I'll say what I think. I'm not terribly harsh, but if there are problems, I will talk about 'em. I worked as an editor on a SF/F/H magazine for a couple of years, so it'll be the editor/slushpile genes kicking in again.

In exchange, if anyone dares want to take a gander at my serial (God in the Machine) then by all means.( I'll review even if you don't though. I recognize that a serial in which the episodes are extremely long can present a challenge, and am fairly zen about it.)

Very cool.

I don't actually know how to do reviews yet, so it'll be a learning experience for me. (I haven't tried, mind.)

Sounds like fun!

Anyway, I'm not an expert reviewer, so I'll have to go with a 1-2, pretty much everything, really. Preferably fantasy/sci-fi, but I'll give anything a try.

Cool. I'm more of 2-3, because it's mostly genre specific. I mostly read fantasy, but if the writing is solid and the premise is interesting I'll try to give it a read.

@ Peedee

"I don't actually know how to do reviews yet, so it'll be a learning experience for me. (I haven't tried, mind.)"

Just read your review of One Last Autumn - you're a natural :D

Peedee, I choose you!

Care to exchange?



I am in too. I'd like someone who likes scifi to review mine, but i'll review anything. Just ask.

This sounds like a good idea, I'm in. I've previously been a bit review shy, so I'd probably count myself as a 2/3; I'm usually more inclined toward the sci-fi/fantastical, but I'll look at anything that the author thinks is fresh and original- just ask. Reviewing my in exchange is utterly optional.

Reyben; i'll do yours. Want to exchange? Mine is linked at the bottom.

Actually... Each of your chapters is 100-143 pages long in a "play format" - a script- I don't have that kind of time to do it justice properly. Sorry, Reyben.

Dear Winter. I am NOT a Poke-Mon. Sorry.

But we can happily exchange anyway. Just don't be disappointed when I have no electric attack. :)

@Miladsya: You're very kind, thankyew. :)

Peedee: Aw. Now I'm disappointed. ;)

I'll put GOTM in my reading list right after the manu I'm reading for Gryphonwood.



I've got "Street" open now. So in the brief periods of Toddler-Sleeping-Peace in the house, I'll get to happily reading. :)

Well my story is still quite young, but I feel like its up to a point where a person should have a decent impression of whether or not they like it. I'll do a review exchange with anyone, which puts me at about a 1 on the RS scale. I've done some reviews myself, so I can get pretty detailed.

eikasa - Wanaa exchange? Let me know.

Soitenly! I'll check out your stuff next chance I get.

Apocalypsenovel, no! How could you? You dangle my heart then break it all to pieces... [*sniff*]

Nah, I understand- WARRIORS is pretty intimidating (although most of the episodes are closer to 40 pages than 100... ish). I'd actually say to anyone else interested in looking at it, just go for the first three or so episodes- that's all you should need to judge something by. I'm actually working on something a little shorter and simpler at the moment (shorter, not short); hopefully I can get your opinion on that at some point.

Anyway, Apocalypse (I can call you Apocalypse, can't I? Oh. Okay then). I just read up to 19 of 'Veil' and posted my review. Of course, because of my bitter disappointment, I was unfairly harsh to the text and awarded it only a single star. Beware my terrible, terrible scorn.

No, not really.

Never fear, Reyben, I have all of this long weekend to read and a review ye shall have, as well as the promised review for Eikasa, and because Miladysa also reviewed it, I guess I won't even have time to eat turkey! All reviews will be posted by Sunday night.

Let me also thank you guys for taking the time to read and review my stuff. I know it's not easy with everything else you have to do.

I have begun to make some of the changes commented upon, and I'll try to fix the issues as soon as I am done reading for the week.

By the way, the reading is not a "task" for me, I enjoy it, so it's a welcome break.

One last thing on this long comment-it is written at nearly 4AM, so if will be making any mistakes that I had done yesterday but am doing now I would have do them never again in the past.

Even tense mistakes. ;)


Your story interests me - particularly as York is not too far away from me geographically speaking :D

I have tried to read it before today - just had another go now - but so far I have not been able to open a single episode or file.

Do you have any idea why I am experiencing this problem?